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Lil Mama Returns To “The Breakfast Club” – EXPLAINS Why She Cried Last Time & Calls Bow Wow A Legend


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Lil Mama returns to “The Breakfast Club” after breaking down in tears during her last interview almost 5 years ago. In the new clip, she explains exactly why she came to tears and explains why she believes Bow Wow is a living legend. Highlights inside….

Lil Mama returned to “The Breakfast Club” on Tuesday after her infamous interview with the early morning show back in 2011. You’ll recall, radio host Charlamagne was riding Lil Mama hard throughout the interview and at one point she broke down in tears. Many people blamed him for making her cry! And screenshots of Lil Mama crying from that interview seem to pop up quite a bit on some popular memes.

Now, nearly 5-years later, she’s back to the set the record straight. She said technically, Charlamagne was not responsible for making her cry. She then playfully blamed co-host Angela Yee, but then revealed the REAL reason why she got choked up.

She explained,

“The reason I got emotional was because I was talking about my mother, and at the time, I hadn’t came out about how I felt about it. When I came to talk to y’all, that was the first time I ever sat down with a group of people and discussed it. So it was just like…everything.”

Following her statement, Charlamagne spilled the beans and said Angela set the whole thing up! He said they were suppose to get in an argument during the interview. He then said he heard Lil Mama’s dad pulled a gun out on DJ Envy after the interview aired. Lordt.

So did Charlamagne apologize?

Nope. He said, “First of all, I’m not apologizing. I don’t think its anything to apologize for. Its was jokes! I’m not apologizing for jokes.”

Well there's that.

The Brooklyn raptress then went on to talk about Bow Wow and his legendary status. She said she doesn't mind when "haters" try to say she looks like the female version of Bow Wow because he's a "living legend" in her eyes.

"Bow Wow is a legend, you cannot take that away from him," she said. Of course, Charlamagne was first to disagree, but she dropped reasons to back up her statement.

"Bow Wow has over 20 years of success in this business and he’s still going. Bow Wow’s on like CSI right now. Didn’t he do 106 & Park, which is one of the most viewed shows in music? And before that, didn’t he sell out the Garden? Wasn’t our cousins feigning to go his shows when we was little? Bow Wow, he’s a legend. He put in work. He’s a living legend.”

She also said if Bow Wow wants to make a movie where she plays his sibling she's all for making that money.

The conversation moved to her relationship status. She was asked if she was single or nah. She said, “Do we have to do this? I’m dating. I am exploring the option of the husband.”

Based on the radio hosts banter, it appears Lil Mama may be in a relationship and possibly in love. She made it known she was ready to settle down, get married and have kids.  Not mad at that.  She's also done a total 180 with her image and we're loving it.

Towards the end, the rapstress talked about her new mixtape Take Me Back and she even spit a few bars. Check it below:

Photo: DJ Envy's IG

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