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Lark Voorhies SLAMS Bill Cosby & Martin Lawrence….Then Claims Her Account Was Hacked Again!


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Lark Voorhies is back to going IN on social media….then backtracking claiming her Instagram account was hacked. Find out how she slammed Bill Cosby AND her ex-Martin Lawrence inside….

Former “Saved By The Bell” star Lark Voorhies is stirring the pot on social media….again. A few months ago she was blasting her estranged husband Jimmy Green about his “corn chip penis.” Now, she has moved on to slamming Bill Cosby and her former fiancé Martin Lawrence on Instagram!

Following Bill Cosby’s arrest on three counts of aggravated indecent assault last week, Lark shared her reaction to the news slamming the comedian for his alleged acts. She urged her social media followers to separate the fictional character Dr. Huxtable from the real Bill Cosby. She then went on a rant calling Mr. Cosby a MONSTER and that anyone defending him is defending the devil himself! Sheesh. Check it below:

 photo lv1.jpg

Oh...and she wasn't done there. She had another fish to fry. Chick then started going in on her former fiance Martin Lawrence alluding that he use to abuse her mentally and physically. (SIDENOTE: Lark and Martin didn't end their relationship on good terms. She found out that he no longer wanted to be with her after going on a talk show claiming he was engaged to another woman.) Here's what she posted:

 photo lv2.jpg

And then she captioned (which she has since deleted):

 photo lv5.png


It didn't take long though before she started backpedaling on her statements claiming her account was HACKED. Hmph. She said she loves Bill Cosby and that she would never speak bad about him.

Here's her statement:

 photo lv3.jpg

It's interesting to note, she has not deleted the posts (just that caption we mentioned earlier). By the way, the last time she popped off on social media she claimed her account was hacked. It's certainly seems to be a trend here.

Photo: Getty/Lark's IG

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