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Meek Mill’s Probation Violation Puts MAJOR Damper On New Year’s Eve Festivities With Girlfriend Nicki Minaj


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Meek Mill won't be poppin' any bottles or getting it in with his girlfriend Nicki Minaj. He has been ordered to do community service in Philly while Nick hits the stage in Vegas! Deets inside....

Well, we certainly saw this ish coming.

Meek Mill’s New Year’s Eve plans have been totally derailed. The MMG rapper was suppose to be by his girlfriend Nicki Minaj’s side for a Las Vegas show on New Year’s Eve, but this guy will be stuck in Philadelphia doing community service! Damn. As you know, a judge ordered him to stay in Philly after violating his probation terms. He’s scheduled for sentencing on February 5, 2016.

According to Page Six, Meek has been ordered to perform community service on NYE and he won’t be getting out of this one. His probation officer Treas Underwood will reportedly be keeping a watchful eye on the rapper as he fulfills his duties.

A source tells the publication Meek’s probation officer is obsessed with the rapper and really has it out for him. The source claims, “She keeps showing up to his community service, which is not common. She has 122 other cases, but she has it out for him. Probation is supposed to be a rehabilitative thing, but she will do anything to keep him on probation.” Hmph.

And get this...

Meek has been trying his damndest to have his probation officer switched. Why? Well according to sources, Meek and Treas knew each other before she became his probation officer. In fact, they grew up in the same neighborhood and apparently have some bad blood between them. It’s reported Meek had an altercation with one of Treas’ cousins back in the day when they were younger. So, she may have a chip on her shoulder. Karma can surely be a b*tch right?

In the meantime, the Philly rapper has been getting his upcoming mixtape, Dreamchasers 4, ready for a 2016 release. Wonder if he’ll be coming for Drake (again) on the new musical offering.  "Lord Knows" he shouldn't!

There was talk of a few lines from a newly leaked track being about Drake (where Meek talks about bringing guns to the fight if he catches a certain person on the street), but no names were used....or any hints.  We see Meek isn't just sitting out the rest of 2015 like we hoped he would....


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