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WAS THAT SHADE? Trans IG Personality Mia Isabella Flosses Diamond Ring Seemingly From Tyga AFTER Kylie Jenner Shows Off Her Christmas Bling


 photo kyltease.jpg

Hmm…is trans "model" Mia Isabella shading Tyga’s (on-again?) girlfriend Kylie Jenner on social media? Seems like it. Get the latest inside…

Well, well, well. It appears Tyga may have found himself in some ish…again.

Over the holiday weekend, the rapper's girlfriend Kylie Jenner was busy showing off a new (and gorgeous) massive diamond ring she was given for Christmas, likely from her (on-again?) beau Tyga. No, she’s not engaged. She’s wearing it on her right hand. But, it appears that guys giving their chicks these huge diamond rings with no proposal is the new “in” thing these days.  We've seen it with a few celebrity men and women.

 photo kyl4.png

She didn’t post a caption, just a Santa Claus emoji.

Well, remember the trans “model” Mia Isabella who claimed she once had a relationship with T-Raww? Chick hopped on Instagram yesterday to show off her bling as well. She posted up a video (where we snapped a screenshot) of a huge diamond ring on her finger saying:


 photo kyl3.png

“Anybody can do that lol hw bought me one too except I've had mine for years"

Oh? While, Mia didn't name any names it's pretty obvious whom she's referring to. Mmhmm...

Meanwhile, Kylie is on SnapChat posting clips of herself make-up free rocking her new bling:

 photo kyl1.jpg

 photo kyl2.jpg

Hmm...is this Kylie's way of clapping back?

Everyone should just stop the subliminals and call a spade a spade. If Mia has some (more) tea she wants to spill, she should come on out with it.



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Photos: Mia's IG/Kylie's SnapChat

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