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FED UP: R. Kelly Walks Off Live Interview After Feeling Like He Was Being Interrogated About His Past!


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Just like thought would happen, the R. Kelly live stream interview with HuffPost Live went totally left today.  It actually ended up with him walking cleaning off the set. Get the deets and check it inside…

Yesterday, HuffPost Live revealed they would be live streaming an interview with R&B legend R. Kelly. Social media instantly lit up with memes about how this interview would be an early Christmas present for #BlackTwitter. Like, who on his team approved this? Or thought it would go smoothly?

Anywho, Kellz showed up as planned (the interview was delayed though) and the interview started off great. He talked about his new album The Buffet and how he has been pushing to get his fans and followers to show their support and to support one another. Apparently, his album sales for his new LP aren’t that great numbers-wise, but entered at #1 on both the Billboard R&B Albums and R&B/Hip-Hop Albums charts.  No, there wasn't much competition entering on the same day either.

The interviewer then went on to ask Kellz how he feels about fans who are conflicted about him. On one hand, you have this incredibly talented man who makes hit-after-hit. On the other, the “Iginition” singer has been involved in multiple lawsuits involving being accused of sex crimes against minors. In two words, he said “F*ck them.” 

Then, he explained that he has never personally experienced people having a problem with him over his controversial personal life.

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That's when the interview went totally left. Kellz and the interviewer started bickering back and forth with the tension was rising. The Grammy Award winning singer then started saying he felt like he was being interrogated about his past and that the interview felt more like a deposition. He said,“I didn’t come here for negative, I came here for positive.”

He then said, “I did not come here to get interrogated. I did not come here for a deposition. This is not about R. Kelly, this is not about the music. This is about interrogating me and it’s about disrespect.”

Kellz kept trying to steer the interview back his music and NOT his personal life, but chick insisted he talk about his murky past. Kelly wasn't here for it. Finally, he had enough and politely walked off after telling her he could be stopping to get a McRib sandwich instead.  A McRib sandwich y'all. Bloop!

Check it below:

Who didn't see this coming?!

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