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Christina Milian All In Her Feelings After Dhea Spends Thanksgiving With Lil Wayne! + Deion Sanders WINS Millions In Defamation Suit Against Ex-Wife Pilar Sanders


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Some Thanksgiving drama has been brewing on social media and in the courts. Find out about Deion Sanders’ big win against his ex-wife Pilar Sanders and how Christina Milian was putting her hurt feelings on display via Twitter inside…

Remember when we told you that former NFL superstar Deion Sanders had filed a defamation suit against his ex-wife Pilar Sanders around this time last year (that alsolanded her in JAIL)? Well, the verdict is in and Deion came out victorious.

The NFL network analyst and Pro Football Hall of Famer filed a defamation lawsuit against his ex-wife after she accused him of multiple crimes, including child abuse, spousal abuse, assault, AND attempted murder. Chick was bashing Deion on all her social media accounts. At the time, he was seeking $200,000 to $1 million in damages, but it appears he got way more than he initially asked for.

According to TMZ, Deion’s attorney confirmed the former NFLer was awarded $2.2 million in the judgment against Pilar, but he won’t actually receive that amount. The money he won offsets any money he would have paid in their divorce settlement, so he owes not one dime. Bloop!

In fact, she will still owe him 7 figures. Sheesh! But, Pilar isn’t going down without a fight…of course. She and her attorney plan to appeal.

These TWO….

In other break-up news...

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We all know Christina Milan and Lil Wayne"broke up." Christina never missed a chance to talk about it. But, it appears chick may not be over the Young Money honcho entirely.

Yesterday, flicks of Wayne’s longtime girlfriend Dhea (did they ever actually break up?) popped up on social media of her hanging out with Weezy’s family for Thanksgiving (above). Apparently, that set C-Milli off.

The “Grandfathered” star hopped on Twitter to air out her frustrations about “someone” who keeps calling her and asking her to come see them. She claims she’s living the single life now and is completely over the situation. But umm…when you’re still voluntarily talking about it publicly, it’s obvious you’re not. Anywho, she tweeted:

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Then a fan popped off on C-Milli calling her the "side chick." Bloop! The reality star responded, but it didn't make much sense. She said:

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Hmph. Well, since she's over it, let's see if she'll finally stop talking about "it."


Photos: Getty/Instagram

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