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Mathew Knowles' IRS Bill Creeps To $1.4 Million + Beyoncé & Nicki Minaj ICE GRILL Each Other Before TIDAL Performance


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How long can you ice grill your bestie?  Beyoncé challenged Nicki Minaj to a contest during their TIDAL rehearsals...and she remixes Prince's "Darling Nikki" for her.  Check it inside, plus Papa Knowles owes the IRS an ish load of money...

Remember when Beyoncé & Nicki Minajwere spotted walking into a studio right before their joint TIDAL 10:20 concert performance earlier this month?  Now there's footage from their rehearsal.

Bey posted the below video of the "Feelin' Myself" duo getting their routine together, and you can hear Beyoncé singing Prince's song "Darling Nikki"...with a little remix.  Check out her lyrics about Nicki's booty being bigger in magazines than in person below:

And that Ice Grill moment the twosome shared on stage....here's how it went down.  Beyoncé told her to hold the pose for as long as she could, and then turned it into a contest.  Cute.

Speaking of Bey, her daddy is in hot water AGAIN with the IRS.

 photo MatthewKnowlesMatthewKnowlesNYCiuksszbXgJ0l_zpshbxvqrey.jpg 

Remember all his tax woes from previous years?  Well, they've just gotten bigger.  Since 2013, Mat has been teaching college classes on the entertainment industry and schooling other folks -- for a fee -- about how to become uber successful like his daughter.  Apparently, he conveniently forgot to pay those pesky taxes...to the tune of $220,000!

TMZ reports:

Uncle Sam just bitch slapped Beyoncé's daddy with a $220,000 tax lien. Seems in 2013 he taught a lot of people how to become the next Bey but didn't give the U.S. government its piece of the pie.

Now, that makes his total bill with the IRS $1.4 million.  Hope he's paying all that child support for those two kids he had outside his previous marriage to Tina Knowles.

Get yo life Mat.


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