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INTERNET SPEAK: Fans Come For Drake's "Hotline Bling" Dance Moves, Kevin Hart Responds To Cell Phone Scuffle, Racists Attack Black Lead In Star Wars


 photo hotblngth34.jpg

We've got a roundup of funny memes and videos surrounding some of today's most pressing internet discussions and debates.  Join the talk about Drake, Kevin Hart and Star Wars inside....


Drake's song "Hotline Bling" is the #2 song in the country and it's also the most popular video on social media for a number of reasons. First, there's a rapper named D.R.A.M. who has a song named "Cha Cha" on the radio now.  He's accusing Drake of ripping off his beat.  Is he right?  Depends on how you view sampling.....

The REAL beat of both "Cha Cha" and "Hotline Bling" is from the 1973 song "Why Can't We Live Together" by Timmy Thomas.  So....how can you steal something that you yourself didn't write either? Fall back D.R.A.M.....are you mad because Drake stole your thunder?


Back to the internet shenanigans.....did you peep the video?  The internet is going crazy with memes about Drake's drunken two-step and meme-worthy movements.  We've gather a collection of them for you.  SIDEBAR - We wouldn't be surprised if Drake is in on the joke and it's all a part of the marketing scheme.  Notice how EVERY movement he makes is "meme-worthy."   From the sweaters to those damn dances, the internet went IN.


 photo hotbling.jpg

 photo hotbling2.jpg

 photo hotbling8.jpg  

 photo hotlineb1.jpg

 photo hotbling89.jpg

 photo hotblingare6.jpg

And our fave:




The Aubrey Show (Drake & Cosby Mashup)

LMAO! Y'all are so wrong, but SO RIGHT for this #CosbyShow & #HotlineBling mash-up! #Drake #PeakFoolishness

Posted by The Peak on Monday, October 19, 2015



A video posted by Anthony Adams (@spiceadams) on


A video posted by Ray Rod™ (@rayrod747) on


Drake's always on beat...the the "Rugrats" theme song and cha-cha music:


Moving onto Kevin Hart's recent scuffle......

Did ya'll hear Kevin Hart had a fight?  Cray.  He went all "Real Housewives Of Atlanta" outside of a Canadian strip club named Quebec's Le Pigale over the weekend.   We're told there was a shoving match and a broken cell phone involved.

Kevin and his security were leaving the club and they pushed through the crowd to make their exit....because Kevin is so famous.  But club security pushed back.....

The bodyguards began to scuffle and one club-goer tried to capture it all on his phone.  So Kevin snatched the dude's phone and threw it down the street.  Yep...it broke! 

To add to the ratchetness, they're saying Kevin didn't pay his waitress the $65 he owes either!  On Twitter, Kevin justified his actions and said if he could have, he would have thrown the phone further...but he was sore from his workout. 

  photo Screenshot 2015-10-20 16.39.46.png

This guy.

We've got one more internet story.......

 photo starwarnes24.jpg

In case you missed it, racists around the world are upset that a lead character in the upcoming Star Wars movie is Black. The horror! 

Electing President Obama was one thing....but don't "F*ck" up the future too. It's too much to handle!  #whitelivesmatter </sarcam>

Once the trailer dropped, all hell broke loose on twitter when they realized the lead actors are a woman and a black British actor named John Boyega.  A Star Wars boycott hashtag surfaced, and Black Twitter (as well as smart individuals of every race) chimed in:

  photo swars1.jpg photo starswar2.jpg



Photos/video via Twitter/Instagram

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