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Master P Claps Back At Kobe Bryant, “The Truth Hurts” + D.L. Hughley – “It’s Insulting To Tell Someone What They DIDN'T Do”


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Master P has more to say about the Lamar Odom situation and why he came at Kobe Bryant for being phony. Adding to the discussion, D.L. Hughley chimes in on the unfortunate situation and gives his two cents. Find out what they said inside….


As Lamar Odom’s health seemingly gets worse, there seems to be a lot of finger pointing as to who is to blame for his unfortunate downfall.

Earlier, rapper Master P called out L.A. Lakers baller Kobe Bryant for being a phony and abandoning Lamar. The NBA baller got wind of his comments and responded to P basically calling his words insensitive. Kobe said,“When WE feel the need to question the support of others in moments as critical as a life hanging in the balance, then we must question the kind of culture we have created that has led US to such insensitive suspicion.”

Well now, P is clapping back at Kobe with some truth serum, but he kind of contradicts himself. While he railed Kobe for not being there for Lamar, in his new open letter, he too admits he distanced himself from Lamar as well. He said he got frustrated with his reckless behavior and that Lamar is a grown man and was going to do what he ultimately wanted to do. Hmm…pot? Kettle?

He goes on to talk about how Lamar confided in him revealing all of his NBA friends had turned their backs on him. P said he doesn’t have a problem with Kobe or the Kardashians and would sit down and have a conversation with them if need be. As for why he hasn’t gone to see Lamar yet? He claims he doesn’t need the media attention. Hmph.

Peep his open letter below:


If you're real with someone, you keep it real through the good and bad times. I understand first hand from dealing with my own brother that was living recklessly, I had to show him tough love but I'd never cut him off because we're blood. I'm not pointing the finger at anyone, Lamar's unfortunate situation is a result of his own decisions and actions. I can relate to D.L. Hugley's statement on dealing with family members with addictions, it's draining.

I'm not a phony, I can admit that I stopped dealing with Lamar years ago for those same reasons. Even though I've known Lamar for over 15 years, it wasn't like we were the best of friends. I tried to mentor him and give him advice but he is a grown man and made his own decisions. You can't help anyone that don't want any help and I get that, that 's life. So that's why I stopped dealing with Lamar, it's not like we're blood related where I would have to put up with his reckless behavior. I'm sure Lamar has many people in his life such as family members, friends, colleagues, teammates, significant others who have stopped dealing with him but I'm just not afraid to openly admit it, due to his unfortunate medical situation.

I can also admit that me and my family are far from perfect, we have situations we're dealing with. My prayers are going out to Lamar and his family. I pray that he comes out of this, he may have a rocky past but overall he's a good brother. And the only reason I'm not running to the hospital to visit him, I'm not looking for publicity, I don't need it. Only when I was asked, I stated my opinion on what I knew about this man from the times I was around him.

Lamar complained about how everybody turned their backs on him, even his NBA buddies. But then people blew my opinion out of proportion. I understand that Kobe is one of the greatest basketball players in the world and people are going to side with him. I have nothing against Kobe or the Lakers. I have nothing to hide and I'm willing to speak face to face with anybody, with Kobe or Kardashians about the conversations that Lamar and I have had concerning him trying to get his life back together and getting back into the league.

I'm not about entertaining no mess and I'm only speaking on this because I knew this brother. I hope that if ever I was in a similar situation where I couldn't speak for myself, that somebody would keep it 100 for me. The truth hurts, even in Hollywood.

My condolences to the people that really love him. And I am not trying to question the support of others that are truly grieving; this is a critical, life and death situation. This is only my opinion, it's just sad that last month no one had anything positive to say about Lamar…and that's what I meant by being phony.

Also joining the conversation....


D. L. Hughley responds to Master P's comments "Kobe could have done more with Lamar Odom!" "How responsible are you for someone else's addiction?" #DLQ

Posted by D.L. Hughley on Thursday, October 15, 2015

Comedian D. L. Hughley chimed in on the Lamar Odom situation and he’s responding to Master P’s comments about Kobe. During a segment on his radio show, D.L. tells his listeners anyone who has dealt with someone with a substance abuse problem KNOWS there is NOTHING anyone else can do to save them. Only that person can choose to save his or herself.

He shares personal experiences with a cousin he has who’s struggling with an addiction and he talks about how he has done everything in his power to help him get clean, but it did not work. D.L. says the same thing goes for Lamar. He then says what Master P said about Kobe was insulting because P has no idea WHAT Kobe has done for Lamar. Check it above.

Photo: Master P's Twitter

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