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Michael Strahan Launches New Suit Line for JcPenney Alongside Usher, 50 Cent & More + Idris Elba At "Star Trek" Panel In Dubai


 photo usuherfefdfd.png

Oh yes, men at work.


Michael Strahan just launched a new line of suits and we've got pics from the launch party with Usher and a few others.  Also, Idris Elba is in Dubai working on "Star Trek."  See pics inside...

 photo UsherJCPenneyMichaelStrahanLaunchCollectionI0_DJadbFqwl.jpg

Yesterday, Michael Strahan, one of the most beloved men on television, launched his own suit collection with JcPenney.  The launch event was held at their flagship location on 32nd Street where the entryway was decorated with black carpet, leather walls and framed piece from the collection.

 photo UsherJCPenneyMichaelStrahanLaunchCollection7scdjilcCQdl.jpg

Pop singer Usher was among the bold-faced names who came out to toast Michael.

 photo JCPenneyMichaelStrahanLaunchCollectiondKvjrRO_D-3l.jpg

AJ Calloway was there as well.  He and Michael shot a segment for his show "Extra."

 photo JCPenneyMichaelStrahanLaunchCollectioncM2FBkAv2iil.jpg

Dr. Ian Smith, who happens to be one of Michael's closest friends, was on hand to celebrate Mike's success.

 photo JCPenneyMichaelStrahanLaunchCollectionErlzXf6OM1nl.jpg

 photo JCPenneyMichaelStrahanLaunchCollectionxnzz5MVByuyl.jpg

Rapper/mogul 50 Cent, who just signed a huge production deal with Starz, made a party appearance.

 photo MichaelStrahanJCPenneyMichaelStrahanLaunchqenbC753Pdvl.jpg

Former pop star Kevin Jonas and his wife Danielle toasted Michael's new line.

 photo JCPenneyMichaelStrahanLaunchCollectionYPL1dPGOmedl.jpg

NFL broadcaster, who chops it up on Fox NFL Sunday every week with Mike, Terry Bradshaw was there for his homie.

 photo JCPenneyMichaelStrahanLaunchCollection12rFMjug7Dil.jpg

And fresh from his run on Broadway, Taye Diggs ditched his "Hedwig" heels and put on a suit for Mike's bash.


In other spottings.....

 photo StarTrekBeyondDubaiPressConference4-4sP0s8vy_l.jpg

We're heading to Dubai to hang out with Idris Elba.  But why Dubai?

 photo StarTrekBeyondDubaiPressConferenceb4XJ1Vno1ihl.jpg

A few weeks ago we brought you the exciting news about Idris' addition to the cast of "Star Trek."  Right now, he and all his fineness are in Dubai filming scenes and attending a press conference to promote 'Star Trek Beyond' at Burj Al Arab.  He was joined by his cast and EP.

 photo StarTrekBeyondDubaiPressConference0iELorL2bugl.jpg

In addition to his physical films, the British actor has also lent his sexy voice to several animated features.  His voice will be featured Finding Dory (the Finding Nemo sequel) and The Jungle Book.

Heeeey 'Dris!


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