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HE DID WHAT? Actor Matt Damon SLAMMED For Painfully "Explaining" How Diversity Works To Black Producer Effie Brown


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Oscar-winner Matt Damon is getting slammed online now that video of him "checking" producer Effie Brown is going viral.  Come inside and "learn" how diversity in Hollywood works.....from the perspective of a privilege white guy....

Some things never change.  And Hollywood's "diversity problem" seems to be so loud and prominent that many folks in power positions are almost tuning it out.  Like, totally tone deaf.

So.......Harvard-educated Oscar winner Matt Damon just gave us a little glimpse into white privilege and what happens behind closed doors when it comes to making decisions.

It all played out on "Project Greenlight" - a HBO reality show where he and Ben Affleck help guide would-be movie makers into making flicks.

On the show, Matt and filmmaker Effie Brown (Dear White People producer) were discussing a script on behalf of the contestants in which a black prostitute was featured. In fact, the only black person in the entire script was said prostitute.

Effie said that it's important to have diversity BEHIND the camera so the characters can be accurately and sensitively portrayed.  Matt's reaction?  He cut her off, arguing that diversity is a good thing to see on the big screen, but it's not really necessary in movie board rooms.

Here's the important tidbit you need to know -- this season of "Project Greenlight" show is 100% comprised of white movie makers.  Problematic in itself, right?  So, naturally, Effie, who is a successful Award winning producer who happens to be a black woman, took the time to simply bring a different perspective to the table that Matt and co. should at least consider.

Hmph  We guess Matt won't be helping any of his qualified "black" friends get jobs at Paramount. Tsk Tsk.

In the clip below, Damon says, “When we’re talking about diversity, you do it in the casting of the film, not in the casting of the show.”

Effie looks at him shocked before saying, “Wow, okay.”

Our thoughts exactly.

One comment from the innanets:


Matt's still getting slammed online.....rightfully so.


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So, thoughts?  Was Matt totally out of order?


Photos: HBO

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