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Fabolous (And Johan & Taina), Mack Wilds & More Hit The Runway At BET's "HOW TO ROCK: KICKS" Show


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Sneakers & the runway crossed paths last night at BET's first HOW TO ROCK: KICKS fashion show starring Fabolous, Mack Wilds, Vashtie and more. See the photos inside.

Last night, BET hosted the first HOW TO ROCK: KICKS fashion show at Milk Studios where Fabolous, Pusha T, Vashtie and Syd the Kyd (of Odd Future/The Internet) curated their own capsule collections of the hottest sneakers and latest fashion.

 photo BETDigitalPresentsHowRockKicksShow2fek_7sRu-jl.jpg

 photo BETDigitalPresentsHowRockKicksShowL3_dJG9si_wl.jpg

Fabolous traveled back in time with his capsule collection, mixing Timbs and kicks with old-school hip hop.

 photo BETDigitalPresentsHowRockKicksShowXssOsYmGpERl.jpg

 photo BETDigitalPresentsHowRockKicksShow8JIhS-PoFgKl.jpg 

His and girlfriend Emily B.'s son Johan and Em's daughter Taina were among the kid models who helped bring his vision to life.

 photo BETDigitalPresentsHowRockKicksShowXssOsYmGpERl.jpg

Taina's look was a throwback to Aaliyah's Tommy Hilfiger campaign.

 photo thil1.png

On Instagram, Tania's proud mom Emily B posted a video of her "walk"...


A video posted by EmilyB (@emilyb_) on


 photo BETDigitalPresentsHowRockKicksShow_Wl6VPXcCX5l.jpg

Socialite and PUMA spokeswoman Vashtie brought her tomboy and high fashion sensibility to the Autumn/Winter 2015 line.  While her prior collection was unisex, her latest line is all for the ladies.

 photo BETDigitalPresentsHowRockKicksShow4KoEMuG9oFWl.jpg

During an interview with host Diggy Simmons, she revealed that the looks were inspired by "’90s grunge girls, Riottt Grrrl, independent, young, hip, and kind of tough girls.”

 photo BETDigitalPresentsHowRockKicksShow67-BcEKIohnl.jpg

Rapper Pusha T went "from the corner to couture" with his mix of ready-to-wear fashions.

 photo BETDigitalPresentsHowRockKicksShowxvIyw9Oi6O6l.jpg

 photo BETDigitalPresentsHowRockKicksShowTCCN8J7VWCPl.jpg 

Actor and singer Mack Wilds brought his cute smile to the runway modeling a variety of looks throughout the evening.

 photo BETDigitalPresentsHowRockKicksShowVrrt7dohsV-l.jpg

Artist Syd the Kyd pesented a collection that blended a combination of light fabrics, sleek designs, and hints of flannel.

 photo BETDigitalPresentsHowRockKicksShow6e36EqdSCDRl.jpg 

At the end of the show, recording artist Casey Veggies took a stroll down the runway after his models helped him pull off his vision.


In the video below, watch each celeb discuss what inspired their shoe "swag" and reveal inspirations for their collections:


Backstage in the green room...

 photo BETDigitalPresentsHowRockKicksGreenpwm7NOJ8HR7l.jpg

 photo BETDigitalPresentsHowRockKicksGreenjcp-BCFJK9El.jpg

Diggy Simmons, who co-hosted the show with “Sway in the Morning” personality Tracy G., was seen posing with Vashtie.  He also cruised around backstage on a hoverboard.

 photo BETDigitalPresentsHowRockKicksGreenWPJeiJ3Hsc7l.jpg


 photo BETDigitalPresentsHowRockKicksGreen3rPHkgPdJknl.jpg

 photo BETDigitalPresentsHowRockKicksFt41FR6xE1Yl.jpg

Later, Vashtie struck a pose with Syd The Kyd.

 photo BETDigitalPresentsHowRockKicksJKzSnbsOlxOl.jpg

 photo BETDigitalPresentsHowRockKicksXo20pQnwgFal.jpg

 photo BETDigitalPresentsHowRockKicksGreennMPLnDcie50l.jpg  

Fabolous and Pusha T both changed outfits throughout the evening, making sure that they showed fans the best and most stylish pieces from their collections. 

 photo BETDigitalPresentsHowRockKicksGreenKxYMDf4e1Mtl.jpg

Mack, who recently released "Act Like That" with Bridget Kelly, is now working on a movie with Method Man named The Breaks.



Photos via Getty/Emily B Instagram

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