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Straight Outta Death Row? Rapper Daz Dillinger Reveals Plans For Death Row Biopic "Dogg Pound 4 Life"


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ThaDogg Pound rapper Daz Dillinger plans to make a biopic that picks up where Straight Outta Compton ended.  If you want to know the story of Death Row Records and Tha Dogg Pound come inside...

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If you're a long-time fan of Tha Dogg Pound (Daz Dillinger, Kurupt), there's a good chance that you'll get to see their story on the big screen.  As Straight Outta Compton, the story of NWA, continues to break records at the box office, it's creating a large buzz around the West Coast rap scene and folks are trying to churn out rap music biopics.

During a recent chat with TMZ, rapper Daz Dillinger revealed that he's working on a new project that will dramatize the rise of Snoop Dogg, Tupac, Nate Dogg, Warren G.and other Death Row legends. He's tentatively named the project "Dogg Pound 4 Life."  Of course.......Tha DPG's music will be the film's primary focus.

While describing his vision, Daz told TMZ that HIS film won't whitewash gang violence and its impact on the rap industry; but, he failed to mention if it will "whitewash" violence against women (e.g Dee Barnes, Michel'le).  As far as casting goes, Daz says Dr. Dre's son, Curtis Young, is on board to play the legendary beatmaker.  Curtis definitely has the look of his father down to a tee.  Check out pics of him promoting his pops' movie HERE.

So....how "official" is this project? Daz claims Ice Cube has given his stamp of approval.  He told VLAD TV,

 “I was talking to Ice Cube and he was telling me about the N.W.A movie. He was like, ‘When Eazy [E] dies, that leaves it open up for part two.’ And that’s where we come in. Because when Eazy dies, it was us. We gon’ make our own [film] called ‘DPG For Life.’ Because when Eazy died, Suge Knight and them still around, Dr. Dre, and the story from there, what happens after that? We up next in there, we just putting it together.”

We're here for it when this happens.  But until Daz gets back to us with a director and producer attached to this "project," we will just make a note of it.


Photo via Daz Dillinger's Instagram

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