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SPOTTED: Rihanna Goes Braless In NYC, Gets New "1988" Tattoo


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"BBHMM" singer Rihanna got a new tattoo this week and she partied it up in a black top without a bra!  Watch it all go down inside...

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Pop starlet Rihanna is in New York City this week and she's already got some new ink.  It seem like every few months, Rihanna heads down to her favorite East Village tattoo shop where she hooks up with her favorite ink artist Bang Bang.

Wednesday evening, she popped into the shop and got a new "1988" tattoo.  It's her birth year. 



Thursday afternoon...

 photo RihannaOutAndAboutInNYCzjCjE3Ucbtil.jpg

RiRi was seen leaving the gym in a grey t-shirt, a pair of black and white shorts and Nike sneakers.

 photo RihannaOutAndAboutInNYCugbc8C6z7Krl.jpg

 photo RihannaOutAndAboutInNYCdljkMe7aB_al.jpg

Her workout ensemble was a part of the PUMA line she created and designed a few months ago.


Thursday evening...

 photo 2B59301000000578-3197352-Knockout_The_BBHMM_singer_showed_off_her_toned_arms_and_glowing_-a-32_1439538626666.jpg

 photo 2B58F61C00000578-3197352-Soon_after_Rihanna_reemerged_looking_glamorous_and_braless_in_a_-a-31_1439538626665.jpg

Following her workout, Rihanna went home and got "prepped" for a night on the town.

 photo 2B5914DC00000578-3197352-image-m-66_1439539066571.jpg

Her evening attire included stilettos (to show off her ink), black skinny pants and a sexy black top (no bra).

 photo 2B5BA53800000578-3197352-image-a-79_1439549999757.jpg

Yasss......she and her friend were definitely serving up "Cakes" last night!

 photo 2B5B0A6600000578-3197352-image-a-81_1439550035419.jpg

 photo 2B5B0BCE00000578-3197352-image-a-75_1439549817347.jpg

We also saw her pull a few dollars out of her purse and give them to a homeless gentleman who approached her.

 photo 2B5AEDED00000578-3197352-image-m-80_1439550027327.jpg

While we told you about Rihanna possibly dating Lewis Hamilton, there seem to be another man vying for her heart. 

 photo 2B5915B000000578-3197352-image-a-67_1439539073190.jpg

Some outlets are reporting that RiRi has been out on two dates with NBA player Matt Barnes....and his ex-wife Gloria Govan is totally supportive!  Recently, TMZ caught up with her for a candid street interview where she gave her blessing and said she wants Matt to be happy.  So......while she didn't "confirm" their two dates, she didn't deny it either.



Photos via Splash/Rihanna's Instagram

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