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RUMOR CONTROL: Lamar Odom Says He Did NOT Stalk Khloe Kardashian & If “They” Keep LYING He’s Airing Out EVERYTHING!


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Lamar Odom is telling his side of what went down when he “allegedly” stalked and verbally attacked Khloe Kardashian. And in so many words, he said it’s NOT true and if lies about him keep circulating, he’s airing everything out! Peep the videos inside….

Lamar Odom is pissed y’all!

The former NBA star vented to TMZ about what actually happened yesterday morning when he allegedly ambushed his soon-to-be ex-wife Khloe Kardashian. According to reports, it was alleged he stalked the “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” star as she walked inside SoulCycle in Beverly Hills for an early morning workout.

The 35-year-old basketball player went on camera to deny that he harassed, grabbed or followed the 31-year-old reality star. He claims he and Khloe arranged the meeting because how else would he know that she was going to be at SoulCycle at that particular time.

Furthermore, he says if lies about him keep circulating in the media, he’s going to air EVERYTHING out. *sips tea*

He started off saying,

“I am not the person that they’re trying to make me out to be. Whoever’s doing it. I live in Las Vegas. So was there an address or a place given? Or I just guessed right? Did I just guess right where this girl may be? I’m asking you. I know Khloe, so how would you think I ended up there?”

We agree. How did he know she would be there at that time? He went on to say,

“It’s hard for me to keep my composure. To everyone who knows and supports me I'm sorry but the dog has to fight back. [Y’all say] I’m a womanizer, a f*ckin’ drug addict. It’s over. If it happens again I will air EVERYTHING out!”

Oh? Well…we’ll certainly be all ears if he decides he wants to spill some tea. In an effort to clear his name, Lamar says he’s hurt that the situation was turned into something it wasn’t and that it’s not true.

“Nobody got followed, nobody got hassled, nobody got harassed, nobody got grabbed on, none of that. None of that happened. Probably what’s the most hurtful part is that I beat it to the punch. I didn’t want to come up here. Somebody should be calling up here saying ‘Hell no that didn’t happen.’ That’s ridiculous, it’s crazy. I don’t know what type of move it is. I don’t know, it’s just NOT the truth.”

Check it:


In another clip, Lamar goes OFF on TMZ for “racist reporting” and always trying to pit black people against each other.

Check it out below:


Do we believe him?


Photo: FameFlynet

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