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Keyshia Cole & Daniel Jr. Playing Ping Pong With Daniel "Bobbie" Gibson + Jennifer Hudson Throws David Jr. A Birthday Party


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We're celebrating our YBF Kids today by heading to Malibu with Keyshia Cole and to a birthday party for Jennifer Hudson's son.  More inside...

At the Malibu Beach Club in Malibu, California...

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We spotted R&B songstress Keyshia Cole and her son Daniel Jr. playing a victorious game of ping pong.  Now here's the question....who was their opponent?  Hmmm.....check the photo atop.  It's Daniel "Bobbie" Gibson!  The estranged couple have not reunited, but they are still a family and we love that they can get together and have fun with their son.

Keyshia captioned, "Guess who came to the #MalibuBeachClub to get that ass whooped in #PingPong #NoStressZone"


Now let's head to a party.....

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Oscar winning actress Jennifer Hudson celebrated her son David Jr's 6th birthday with a huge bash at Jak's Warehouse.

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As you can see from the cake and goodies table, the party carried a Michael Jackson theme.

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And we see little David has a nickname....."Boss Boy."

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Jennifer's sister Julia and Daniel's grandma, whom he calls Granna, were both on hand to wish him a Happy Birthday.

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Jen captioned "Climb my baby."

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Jen and her family are also preparing for the 5th annual Julian D. King Gift Foundation​ "#hatchday celebration" taking place on Aug 14th! For fans in Chicago, it will take place at the Kroc Center Chicago​ on 1250 W 119th St at 10am.




Photos via Jennifer Hudson's Instagram/Keyshia Cole's Instagram




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