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AND THE OSCAR GOES TO…Common & John Legend WIN 2015 Oscar For Best Original Song + Perform “Glory”


 photo mundp4.jpg

They did it! Common and John Legend won the Best Original Song Oscar for their joint track “Glory” tonight. And before they were honored, they gave a powerful performance of the SELMA track. Peep their performance and acceptance speeches inside….

 photo mundp6.jpg

Common and John Legend took home the Best Original Song Oscar at the 87th Annual Academy Awards tonight! Their joint single off the SELMA soundtrack beat out "Grateful" from Beyond The Lights, "Everything is Awesome" from The Lego Movie, "I'm Not Gonna Miss You" from Glen Campbell... I'll Be Me and "Lost Stars" from Begin Again.

 photo mund2.jpg

The guys took the podium after giving a powerful and very moving performance of their hit “Glory.”

Common (looking dapper in a Prada suit) first thanked God then talked about his experience as he marched on the same bridge as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in Selma, Alabama while filming the civil rights film. Then, he talked what the bridge means to him and how it represents change.

John Legend opened with a Nina Simone quote saying, “It’s an artist's duty to reflect the times in which we live.” He continued,“SELMA is now because the struggle for justice is right now.”

He talked about our voting rights being in jeopardy and how there are more black men incarcerated today then there were in during slavery in the 1800s.

He closed with,

“When people are marching to our song we want to tell you we are with you, we see you, we love you and march on. God Bless You.”

Common then threw in an Oprah shoutout. Can’t forget Lady O.

 photo mundp93.jpg


Peep their speeches below:

And check out their "Glory" performance that had tears flowing and everyone on their feet below:

What a touching performance.

 photo oss.png

 photo jlos.png

Congrats guys!

Photos: Wire/Instagram

INSIDE THE OSCARS: Backstage And In The Audience With Eddie Murphy, Kevin Hart, Oprah Winfrey, Jennifer Hudson And More


 photo ugml2.png

Comic legend Eddie Murphy posed with funnyman Kevin Hart backstage at the Oscars.  See their photo inside and many more...

 photo 87thAnnualAcademyAwardsBackstageAudienceLmUr3LSEfsol.jpg

Backstage at the 2015 Oscars, Kevin Hart (arguably the hottest comedian on the planet) met his idol, Eddie Murphy.  Kevin posted the pic and captioned"#DopePic #EddieMurphy #TheReasonWhyImAcomedian #Oscars #Epic"

 photo EddieMurphy87thAnnualAcademyAwardsShow05yZle41EGWl.jpg

During the broadcast, Eddie presented screenwriter Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu with the trophy for Best Original Screenplay for Birdman.

 photo RitaOra87thAnnualAcademyAwardsBackstageGJSI3KGAgxfl.jpg

We spotted Rita Ora in ONE of her glamorous gowns (she made three outfit changes). She rocked this look during her performance of "Grateful" from the movie Beyond The Lights.

 photo 87thAnnualAcademyAwardsBackstageAudiencezyPYoJFZo8Kl.jpg

 photo umls.png   

Did someone give Oprah Winfrey a hard time at the velvet rope?  No biggie...Lady O can still dip it low.  She quickly ducked her head underneath the rope without messing up her hair. 

 photo IdrisElba87thAnnualAcademyAwardsShow3SxTMM0mrSZl.jpg

"Luther" star Idris Elba joined actress Jessica Chastain to present Emmanuel Lubezki with the Best Cinematogrphy Award for Birdman.

 photo KevinHart87thAnnualAcademyAwardsShow0DVPVOw9DVzl.jpg

Kevin Hart appeared on the program with actress Anna Kendrick to present Patrick Osborne and Kristina Reed with the Best Animated Short Film Award for Feast. This was Kevin's first time at the Oscars.

 photo TerrenceHoward87thAnnualAcademyAwards-eDNOGlNVDwl.jpg

Things got weird when Terrence Howard hit the stage to talk about Best Picture nominees Whiplash, The Imitation Game, and Selma. Is he crying? Why? MENTAL NOTE:  Rent "Whiplash" - Bring Kleenex.

And the Oscar goes to...

 photo Common87thAnnualAcademyAwardsBackstageXwDNxZVjQD3l.jpg

 photo 87thAnnualAcademyAwardsPressRoomeaLrP7BrDJOl.jpg

 photo 87thAnnualAcademyAwardsPressRoomeZS3M7GK6Cwl.jpg

Common and John Legend took home an Academy Award for Best Original Song "Glory" from the film SELMA.  Watch their performance here.

 photo DavidOyelowo87thAnnualAcademyAwardsShow4GirJfyLhApl.jpg

Oprah Winfrey and "Selma" star David Oyelowo were among the first folks to congratulate them.

 photo JohnLegend87thAnnualAcademyAwardsShowdmY_FVTB4Ual.jpg

"Glory" in action.

 photo 87thAnnualAcademyAwardsBackstageAudiencePMpHPMtnzHCl.jpg 

John's lovely wife Chrissy Teigen was by his side all evening, supporting both his performance AND his big win.

 photo 87thAnnualAcademyAwardsBackstageAudienceUT2_7nFaMKll.jpg

Jennifer Lopez made us gasp in this beaded Elie Saab number.

 photo JenniferHudson87thAnnualAcademyAwards-BZpUKtTesHl.jpg   

Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson performed during the show's "In Memoriam" portion.  Check it out here.

 photo IMG_2010.jpg

We also spotted J Hud welcoming Common to the "winners" circle.  Raise your hand if you have an Oscar.

 photo DavidOyelowo87thAnnualAcademyAwardsShowgWXGIxa6yJAl.jpg   photo DavidOyelowo87thAnnualAcademyAwardsShowIRp2up4yQSel.jpg

David appeared onstage with Jennifer Aniston and even shared a comedic bit with host Neil Patrick Harris.

 photo LupitaNyongo87thAnnualAcademyAwardsujn0WBpnYkIl.jpg

Oscar winner Lupita N'yongo dazzled the crowd in a Calvin Klein dress decorated wth 6,000 pearls. 

 photo ZoeSaldanaArrivals87thAnnualAcademyAwardsFyto3lof2TKl.jpg

 photo ZoeSaldana87thAnnualAcademyAwardsShowNim3LmDJ6Y5l.jpg

 photo ZoeSaldana87thAnnualAcademyAwardsShowaiv8G2Qc85sl.jpg 

Zoe Saldana was surrounded by beautiful men throughout the evening.  The new mom of twins arrived with hubby Marco Perego and presented an award with Dwyane Johnson.

 photo questlovesdsd.png 

Questlove made a surprise appearance during Tegan and Sara's performance of "Everything Is Awesome" from The LEGO Movie. He played "Robin" to Will Arnett's"Batman."

 photo OprahWinfrey87thAnnualAcademyAwardsGovernorsfGq0AZXx4-gl.jpg

During the "Everything Is Awesome" performance, Oprah Winfrey (who already has everything) was gifted an Oscar made of Legos.  



Photos via Getty/Splash/TheybfDaily Instagram

INTERVIEWS: Chris Brown & Tyga Say They’re OVER Drake, DISS The Grammys & Tyga Says He’s NOT Going To Stop Being “Friends” With Kylie Jenner


 photo cbty4535.png

Chris Brown and Tyga are continuing their interview rounds as they promote their new joint album Fan Of A Fan 2. Find out what the guys had to say about Drake (again), dissing the Grammys & PETA, Tyga’s situation with Kylie Jenner and more inside….

Chris Brown and Tyga are still on the promo trail to promote their new album Fan Of A Fan 2, which drops Feb. 24th.

While chatting it up with radio hosts on HOT 97’s"Ebro in the Morning w/ Laura Stylez & Rosenberg,” Breezy and T-Raww held nothing back while talking about Drake (This n*gga not making us no money”), Tyga’s “friendship” with 17-year-old Kylie Jenner (“It’s my decision to continue to be around her”), The Grammys (“The Grammy is f*cking bullsh*t”), PETA and more.

Below are the highlights:


Chris Brown on The Grammys:
“The Grammy is f*cking bullsh*t. I’m that great that I don’t need to vote for myself. So many people are scared to say something. I kinda give it to Kanye [West] cause say what you want. I think it should be a different form of how they judge.

Chris Brown on Drake:
“This n*gga not making us no money by us talking about him. We not getting no checks by this n*gga. We making him hot by talking bout this n*gga. I’m not giving this n*gga no more ratings. I’m not taking his side cause I don’t mess with dude. I’m on probation so that’s all I’m gone say.

Chris Brown on Drake surprisingly dropping his mixtape If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late:
“Yea that’s cool, forget him though. We talking about Beyonce. But that’s copying what you saw from the success you saw from somebody else.”

Chris Brown on having to reschedule dates for the “Between the Sheets” tour:
“I lost $3 million from doing that, $3 million in production. The thing that hurt me the most was it was already an approval. I had 100 hours left, but they knew doing that would mess up a lot of stuff. So they were like I had to finish the 100 hours before I went on tour. I wish they had told me that two, three weeks in advance.”

Chris Brown on PETA coming for him and Karrueche :
“As far as PETA, I wish they would throw a cup of paint on me.” Then he quickly changed it up, “I don’t wish. I’m on probation, so how about we not throw paint and we find another way to converse on this situation [laughs].”

On he and Karrueche showing up in matching furs at NYFW:
“We’re great. We never really got a chance to step out as a fly couple so being able to do that during Fashion Week at Michael Costello show, we just got a chance to go to the show and have some fun. She’s on the tour [with me] now. I love that girl.”

Chris Brown on Rihanna:
He said didn’t send Rihanna a birthday text, but said he would give her a high-five if she gets with Leonardo DiCaprio. “I’m not a hater, I’m not envious. I can’t have it all.”

Chris Brown on having beautiful women around him while he’s in a relationship with Karrueche:
“If I was were to have 15 girls in the studio, my girl know it’s 15 girls in the studio. Am I boning the 15 girls? Naw, but they’re giving me inspiration. I can have b*tches…around.”

Tyga on his “friendship” with 17-year-old Kylie Jenner:
“She’s just a good person. I love being around her. It’s my decision to continue to be around her. I don’t think it’s the world’s decision to dictate that.”

Tyga on Kylie’s family giving them the side-eye:
“We always hung out whether if I was in a relationship or not. They knew I had a kid. King [his son] would go over there and play with North [West] so it wasn’t nothing new. Life is about being happy and keeping yourself surrounded by people who bring that good energy.”

Tyga on tweeting Drake’s a “b*tch” on Twitter and then deleting it:
“Yea that was quick like, you know. You know how you get hot real quick then you think about it."

Tyga on Cash Money:
“I learned a lot being around [Lil] Wayne, but I started realizing the business wasn’t right. I would ask him [Chris] questions because I didn’t know. It got to the point where I had to speak how I feel. Then, when I started speaking up, people start coming at me like I was crazy. You see the situation with Wayne right now and now people are like ‘damn, you was right.'”

Tyga on getting out of his YMCMB deal:
“I was supposed to be out the deal. They agreed to a number to let me out the deal. I was going to pay them a few million dollars to get out the deal. Even though they owed me money, I was going to pay them because I’m not petty. I just want to move on with my life and continue to build. I don’t know what happened, everybody went M.I.A.”

Tyga on how he gets money:
“I have a clothing line that’s a $20 million company. I have a boxer line that we’re about to put in stores. I have a real estate investment company that I just started. I don’t have the shoe deal with Reebok no more, I’m with L.A. Gear. I’m about to bring the light ups back because I want to do something that’s retro that ties in what we’re doing [with the album].”

Chris also talked about completing his community service at a young men’s detention center, the drama behind an inmate trying to sell his jail ID for $10K, Tyga’s pet tiger and more.


Check it below:

In another interview....

Chris Brown also stopped by Power 105’s The Breakfast Club and dropped a few gems. He confirmed he and Drake aren’t friends as he threw a little shade towards the Toronto rapper. He said Rihanna had no choice but to date someone like Leonardo DiCaprio because she couldn’t date a corny, singing rapper. Direct shade at Drizzy.

Breezy also responded to The Dream when he said R&B singers like Chris act like rappers. He said The Dream just seems mad and maybe he should just write and not be an artist.

Chris then went on to talk about his “Between the Sheets” tour, his relationship with Karrueche (he wants babies but is not ready for marriage), his community service, his relationship with Jay Z and how he’s treading lightly to stay out of trouble since he's still on probation. Check it above.

Photo: Instagram

FAMILY DRAMA: Nick Gordon BLASTS Bobby Brown For NOT Letting Him See Bobbi Kristina + Bobbi Kris’ Aunt RUSHED To Hospital Allegedly Due To “Stress”


 photo ng.jpg

More Bobbi Kristina updates are trickling in. Bobbi Kris' boyfriend Nick Gordon is on Twitter blasting her dad Bobby Brown for keeping him away from her. Also, Bobbi Kris’ aunt was rushed to the hospital allegedly due to stress. Get the deets and receipts inside….

While Nick Gordon has been known to take to Twitter to air out any frustrations he may be dealing with, lately he has been pretty quiet on social media, up until this weekend.

In a series of tweets, Bobbi Kristina's boyfriend Nick Gordon (not her husband like they wanted us to believe) begs Bobbi K’s dad Bobby Brown and the Brown family to allow him to see her, saying his voice would wake her up out of the coma. Apparently, the Brown family has barred him from seeing Bobbi Kris at her bedside at Emory University Hospital, where she has been fighting for her lifeas she lays in a medically induced coma.

The Brown family claims they gave Nick a chance to visit Bobbi Kris, but he was unable make the visit due to not agreeing to the family’s terms, which have not been specified.

During his Twitter rant, he said he would agree to their terms if Bobby Brown will assure him he can see her 24/7. He then went on to say he has actually already seen Bobbi K at least once and Tyler Perry, some of her aunts and Bobbi’s lawyer, joined him. He said he has been receiving death threats from the Brown family, but that’s not going to keep him from continuing to try and see her. He accused the Browns of gunning for Whitney’s money!

And then here’s the kicker….Nick also uploaded a series of text messages he allegedly sent to Bobby Brown, telling him to “grow up” and that his daughter is going to HATE him once she wakes up and finds out what he was doing.

Peep his receipts:

 photo ngt1.png

And below is his Twitter rant with all of his accusations (read from the bottom up):

 photo nglat.jpg

 photo ngh1.png

 photo ngh2.png

 photo ngt00.png

 photo ngtfirst.png

 photo ngt0.png

 photo ngt2.png

 photo ngt3.png

 photo ngt5.png

 photo ngt6.png

 photo ngt7.png

He also shared pics of his new "Bobbi Kristina" tattoo and a tattoed portrait of the late singer Whitney Houston, the woman he considered to be his mother:

 photo nicktat1.jpg

 photo nicktat2.jpg

We're sure Bobby isn't going to let him anywhere NEAR Bobbi K now that he has put him on blast.

On Sunday, Bobby Brown’s older sister was rushed by ambulance to the same hospital as Bobbi Kristina after stroke-like symptoms.

A source tells RadarOnline that Tina Brown was rushed to the hospital after her body went numb on her right side and feeling sick. It’s reported she has a history of heart trouble and that the added “stress” revolving around Bobbi Kristina’s recovery is likely the cause. A source allegedly told the publication, “She’s very stressed out.”

This is the same aunt who supposedly hit her son upside the head with a bottle, causing him to receive stitches during an argument earlier this month. Her son, Shayne Brown, decided not to press charges against his mom.

Prayers all around.

Photos: Nick's IG

PREVIEWS: Kanye West SAYS He's "HUMBLED", Wayne Brady's 80s Dance Tribute & EXCLUSIVE Chat With Ne-Yo, Anthony Anderson At BET Honors 2015


 photo honoken.jpg

Tonight, BET HONORS 2015 salutes Tony Award-winning actress Phylicia Rashad, Grammy Award-winning rapper Kanye West, multi-platinum recording star Usher and more. Watch a preview of Kanye's speech, Wayne Brady's intro and our exclusive red carpet interviews inside....

 photo redwe.jpg

A few weeks ago TheYBF.com attended the BET HONORS 2015 hosted by Wayne Brandy.  Held at The Warner Theatre in Washington, DC, THE BET HONORS 2015 tonight at 9 PM ET/PT. 

The 8th annual gala pays tribute to the contributions of legendary African Americans in the areas of education, theater, business and technology, music and innovation.  The show honors Tony Award-winning actress Phylicia Rashad (Award for Theatrical Arts), Grammy Award-winning entrepreneur Kanye West (Award for Education), multi-platinum recording star Usher (Award for Musical Arts), Director of the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of African Art Dr. Johnetta Betsch Cole (Technology and Business Award) and CEO of privately held Virtual Instruments and the Chairman of Microsoft Corporation John W. Thompson (Award for Theatrical Arts).

The inspirational evening also featured wonderful performances from Ne-Yo, K. Michelle, Mary J. Blige, Trey Songz, Patti LaBelle and Charlie Wilson.

And Keisha Knight Pulliam, Anthony Anderson, Damon Dash, Bobby Brown, Glynn Turman and Diahann Carroll were among the fabulous presenters.

We also witnessed Kanye's acceptance speech. By the way....he's now "humble." He received The "Visionary" Award and Damon Dash was on hand to present it - and that was a controversy in itself. As we've told you previously, the two are back in each other's good graces and are working on film projects together. Outside of Dame - Kanye's speech was very "Kanye." It went completely to the left and we're interested in seeing how Debra Lee/Stephen Hill decide to "edit" that one. It got weird.

Watch a preview of Kanye West's acceptance speech


UPDATE:  Two days ago, Kanye's wife Kim (who attended The BET Honors), their daughter North, and Kim's sisters Khloe and Kylie were involved in a car accident in Bozeman, MT. Their SUV skidded on an ice-covered Montana road in a ditch. Luckily, no one was injured.


Watch a snippet of host Wayne Brady's dance intro: 


More from the red carpet…

TheYBF.com chatted it up with several celebs on the red carpet, including Ne-Yo, Keshia Knight Pulliam and BET CEO Debra Lee. And we had a hilarious exchange with Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, Mayor of Baltimore, MD. She had a little crush on Usher Raymond – but her husband was standing nearby. It’s hilarious!
Check it out….


Debra Lee, CEO of BET on was makes The BET Honors different:
“It’s different because we mix it up. It’s not just paying attention to entertainers, it’s also business people, educators, and visual artists. We want to tell those stories that aren’t always told.

John W. Thompson (Honoree – Chairman of Microsoft Corp) on being honored:
“I never would have expected it because I always thought of BET for entertainment…and I’m not that entertaining (joke). And what is says about BET is that they have a broad constituency base and they recognize not just those in the entertainment industry but those who’ve had an impact on society.

Ne-Yo on his music and refusing to be labeled:
“I want people to NOT consider genre when you think about Ne-Yo. Good or bad? And lord willing always good.”

Anthony Anderson on creating Black-ish:
"Me and my partner Kenya Barris - We sat down about a year and a half ago and looked at the landscape of television and saw what was missing for us in our community and telling our stories. Everything you see on the screen every week comes from our lives."  

Book Of Negroes star Aunjanue Ellis on The BET Honors:
“What makes it special is that this is the only show that shows Black people loving each other.

Keshia Knight Pulliam on leaving “Celebrity Apprentice”:
“I left with my integrity in tact. What more can you ask for…it’s very hard earned and easily lost.

Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, Mayor of Baltimore, MD crushing on Usher:
“I almost had an incident with Usher…but I kept my hands to myself (don’t get me start my husband is standing behind me).




The BET HONORS 2015 premieres Monday, February 23 at 9 PM ET/PT on BET. Previous honorees include Berry Gordy, Aretha Franklin, Kenneth I. Chenault, and Ice Cube.



Video correspondent Jennifer Osunbor/ videographer Shayla Racquel/BET press room/Getty/Splash

2015 OSCARS AFTER PARTY: Beyonce, Solange, Jennifer Lopez, Serena Williams & More Get GLAM For Vanity Fair’s Post-Oscar Soirée


 photo vsp1.jpg

If the red carpet looks didn't do anything for you, we're sure a few of the hot looks spotted on the carpet at Vanity Fair's post-Oscar party last night will! Peep the uber glam looks from Beyonce, Solange, Jennifer Lopez, Serena Williams and many more inside...

Let’s first take a moment before we get into all of this Hollywood fabness from last night because everyone looked pretty much amazing. *whew* Ok, let’s get to it.

Last night, Vanity Fair hosted their annual post-Oscar party following this year's Academy Awards and it was filled with many A-listers in glamorous gowns and tailored suits. The super luxe affair was held at the Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts and it was hosted by Vanity Fair editor Graydon Carter.

 photo vanf8.jpg

Beyonce was a breath of fresh air as she sashayed into the gala looking effortlessly gorgeous. Mrs. Carter rocked a long-sleeve curve hugging Stella McCartney dress, which she accessorized with a J. Mendel white embroidered fox bolero. She finished her look with a metallic clutch and a choker, which went perfectly with her new blonde bob.

 photo vanf10.jpg

Jay Z was his usual dapper self when he attends high-profile events, going for an off-white jacket paired with black slacks. Hey Mr. Carter!

 photo vanf13.jpg

Rocking white like her big sis, Solange Knowles Ferguson turned heads in a white silk crystal beaded long-sleeve Naeem Khan gown with a train. She made her look POP with a fire red lippie. And we're loving it.  The PUMA creative director and her husband Alan Ferguson were one beautiful couple on the carpet.

 photo vanf34.jpg


 photo vanf5.jpg

Oscar winner Lupita Nyong'o slipped out of her custom designed Calvin Klein gown layered with 6,000 pearls and into another custom Calvin Klein number. Slayage, per usual.

 photo 2015VanityFairOscarPartyHostedGraydon_IpuIm3lJrzl.jpg

"Scandal" star Kerry Washington opted to skip the wardrobe change and hit the party in her gown from the ceremony. She chose to wear a strapless Miu Miu piece paired with Christian Louboutin heels, a Miu Miu clutch and Fred Leighton jewels for the evening.

 photo vanf15.jpg

Stunner! Jennifer Lopez hardly ever disappoints on a carpet. And last night was no different. After wowing us on the red carpet at the Academy Awards earlier in a beaded Elie Saab ball gown, JLo turned up the heat and got extra sexy for the after party.

 photo vanf4.jpg

The 45-year-old singer/actress dazzled in a sultry see-through Zuhair Murad gown topped off with a white fur stole. Hot!

 photo 2015VanityFairOscarPartyHostedGraydon3T1RLiTekNHl.jpg

 photo 2015VanityFairOscarPartyHostedGraydonyZGJGe6pJ0gl.jpg

Baggage Claim actress Paula Patton looked elegant black sparkling Georges Hobeika ball gown, dressing it up with dangling earrings and her hair slicked back into a bun.

 photo 2015VanityFairOscarPartyHostedGraydon9yLQ5gIvngQl.jpg


 photo vanf30.jpg

And look who came to shut ish down! Tennis superstar Serena Wiliiams was serving up all types of sex appeal in a high-slit Ines Di Santo gown, exposing just enough skin.  Yo, Common....you see this? Sheesh!

 photo vanf9.jpg

Queen Latifah looked fab in a red Georges Chakra number.

 photo vanf6.jpg

Funnyman Eddie Murphy and his girlfriend Paige Butcher came out to party.

 photo vanf11.jpg

Twining! You could hardly tell the difference between Insurgent star Zoe Kravitz & mom Lisa Bonet.

 photo vanf45.jpg

Supermodel Joan Smalls looked amazing in a Balmain dress from the Sping 2015 collection. Chick was ripping the runway during Tom Ford's autumn/winter 2015 runway show a few days ago.

 photo 2015VanityFairOscarPartyHostedGraydonlInNZIlYn41l.jpg

New York Giants baller Victor Cruz and his fiancee Elaina Watley were on the scene.

 photo 2015VanityFairOscarPartyHostedGraydonyv_MCYogdDHl.jpg

Motown legend Smokey Robinson and his wife Frances Gladney Robinson were all smiles before the night's festivities.

 photo RashidaJones2015VanityFairOscarPartyoHrBj6VqNYel.jpg

And Parks & Recreation star Rashida Jones popped up in a floral Andrew Gn Spring 2015 number.




#Beyoncé, #JayZ & #Solange hit the #VanityFairOscarParty after the #2015Oscars. They look great!

A photo posted by TheYBF.com (@theybfdaily) on


Beyonce and her sis Solange got a lil "turnt" during the evening. "Feelin' myself, I'm feelin' myself, I'm feelin' my..."

 photo ap2.png

Baddies Bey & JLo snapped a beautiful photo together. Girl power!

 photo ap3.png

Lupita made her little brother's day when she introduced him to Beyonce during the gala. We KNOW he was uber excited.

 photo ap4.png

The Oscar winning actress then posed it up alongside Common with his brand new Oscar.

 photo ap1.png

Common's ex-girlfriend Serena even snapped a shot with Common's trophy. All right now.

 photo cictjl.png

Oscar winner John Legend was partying it up with his wife Chrissy Teigen and model Chanel Iman.


 photo serenac.png

Well look what we have here. Serena Williams posted up this shot of herself and her ex-boyfriend Common extra close during the party. Then, she deleted it! Mmmhmm....we wonder what her boyfriend Patrick Mouratoglou has to say...


Photos: Splash/WENN/JLo's IG/Lupita's IG/Serena's IG/Chanel's IG

NEW MUSIC: Jaden Smith "Beast Mode" + T.I. & Young Thug "Off-Set" + Tiara Thomas "How It Is" REVEALS "Baking With Tiara" Cooking Show


 photo jaden-smith-beast-mode.jpg


In today's new music roundup, Jaden Smith raps in "Beastmode", T.I. and Young Thug talk hot wheels in "Off-Set" and Tiara Thomas strums her guitar on "How It Is."   

 Jaden Smith and his producer Ta-Ku released three new tracks today named "Beast Mode" The three tracks, presented as one nine-minute song, were recorded when Jaden was 15. He's now 16. He tweeted it...so clearly that "one" year really matters....

 photo jtwd.png

So.....what's Jaden been up to? He's set to reprise his role as Dre Parker in The Karate Kid 2. It will be his first role since the box office flop After Earth.



More new music...

 photo ti-thug.jpg

Rappers Young Thug and T.i. (“About the Money") have teamed up for a new song for the Furious 7 soundtrack named “Off-Set.” Naturally, the song features a lot of car talk. Foreign car talk. Cars that aren't even out yet.

"Good beef I just cook it and turn it to stroganoff
Belly of the beast, I was raised in that
Now I'm riding with a bitch with amazing hair
Kid ride by my house and say the Kang's in there
I make your ass disappear like Malaysian Air"

- Tip

The soundtrack, which hits stores on March 17th, will also feature Wiz Khalifa, Iggy Azalea, Kid Ink, Tyga, Sevyn Streeter, Skylar Grey, and Flo Rida.  The film hits theaters 4/3.





 photo fc33a58b-7ae1-47f5-821e-a70bce23762d.png

"Bad Girl" singer/songwriter Tiara Thomas premiered a new acoustic track "How It Is" off of her Up In Smoke 5-track project. The project is a taste of what music lovers will get when Tiara drops her debut this year.  Fans should take note of Tiara's guitar driven songwriter side. Wouldn't it be interesting if she and Tweet collaborated? 

In addition to music she teamed with All Def Digital for "Baking With Tiara" where she cooks and smokes bakes. She'll be rolling (literally) out 3 more every Wednesday.  You'll really get to know her "raunchy" side...

ACROSS THE POND: Kanye West SPOTTED Shopping At Dover Street Market, Naomi Campbell DINES OUT With Bestie Kate Moss


 photo ffrvfr.png

Naomi Campbell and Kanye West both jetted across the pond for London Fashion Week.  Find out where the UK paps spotted the fashionistas inside...

From New York for Fashion Week and The All-Star Game, to LA for the Grammys and the Oscars, busy socialites have a lot on their social agenda this season.  Next stop....London.  Why London?  It's London Fashion Week!

 photo burk4.jpg

Earlier today, Yeezus was spotted at Dover Street Market in London's posh Mayfair area.

 photo burk6.jpg

We noticed that Kanye seems pretty happy for a change....he even cracked a smile.

 photo burk3.jpg 

Tonight, Kanye will be honored at the 2015 BET HONORS with the Visionary Award (presented by Dame Dash).  The show airs at 9 PM ET/PT on BET.



 photo fgolh.jpg

 photo burk2.jpg

Naomi Campbell, who was discovered at the age of 15 in London's Covent Garden, was also spotted in Mayfair.

 photo burk1.jpg

She and her bestie, fellow supermodel Kate Moss, dined at Scott's Restaurant (an exclusive hotspot). 


 photo fgolh.jpg

Earlier in the day, the duo attended the Burberry Prorsum autumn/winter 2015 show.  Burberry spokesmodelJourdan Dunn was also spotted at the show.



Photos via Fame/Splash/INF/GETTY

PARTIES: YBF Celebs FLOCK To Elton John’s Oscar Viewing Party + Common, Oprah, Kevin Hart & More Hit Up The Oscar’s Governors Ball


 photo lbbwl.jpg

YBF celebs made their way to Elton John’s viewing of this year’s Oscars last night. And it brought out Lil Kim, Keke Palmer, Meagan Good, Toni Braxton and many more. Following the Academy Awards, Common, Oprah, Kevin Hart, Eddie Murphy and more hit up the Governors Ball. Also, Tracee Ellis Ross and a few other attended a viewing party as well. Peep the pics inside…

 photo 23rdAnnualEltonJohnAIDSFoundationOscark1irgG7gPTml.jpg

Rap queen Lil Kim took a night off from motherhood to enjoy the Oscars festivities going on in Hollywood. The new mom trekked it to Elton John’s 23rd Annual AIDS Foundation viewing Oscar party in L.A.

 photo 23rdAnnualEltonJohnAIDSFoundationOscar6tZ4AI6mltkl.jpg

The Brooklyn-bred raptress worked a flowy pale pink gown with gold embellishments. Are we feelin' it?

 photo 23rdAnnualEltonJohnAIDSFoundationOscarFsV2vbfmH8Rl.jpg

Round of applause for this uber glam YBF chick! Keke Palmer served some winter white fabness in a Stella McCartney gown, strappy Christian Louboutin heels, accessorizing with Henri J. Sillam & Swarovski jewels.

 photo neuro2.jpg

 photo neuro1.jpg

Work Keke! The YBF actress is gearing up to start filming for the horror-comedy anthology television series "Scream Queens."

 photo ToniBraxtonArrivalsEltonJohnAIDSFoundation3No-n9jALwul.jpg

R&B songstress Toni Braxton was her usual sexy self on the carpet styling in a Shady Zeineldine couture gown. Ms. Braxton is fresh off a Grammy high after winning a Grammy Award for Best R&B Album with Babyface for their joint album Love, Marriage & Divorce. She looks great!

 photo TiaMowryArrivalsEltonJohnAIDSFoundation-zHGGdqiFGKl.jpg

 photo 23rdAnnualEltonJohnAIDSFoundationOscarbtWlPUA246Yl.jpg

"Instant Mom" actress Tia Mowry Hardrict and her husband/American Sniper star Cory Hardrict hit the party in all black.

 photo neuro4.jpg

 photo neuro3.jpg

TLAM 2 star Meagan Good and her handsome husband DeVon Franklin made a hot looking couple on the carpet.

 photo neuro15.jpg

"True Blood" star Jurnee Smollett-Bell and her hubby Josiah Bell looked nice on the carpet.

 photo neuro10.jpg

Jurnie's brother and "Empire" star Jussie Smollett cleaned up nice for the party.

 photo neuro6.jpg

"Big Bang Theory" star Regina King kept it funky and fresh with her long sleeve printed gown. She was one of the honorees during this year's Black Women In Hollywood Luncheon a few days ago.

 photo 23rdAnnualEltonJohnAIDSFoundationOscarNpHoMXHfCV5l.jpg

Hip Hop mogul Russell Simmons was all smiles rocking his Adidas sneakers.

 photo 23rdAnnualEltonJohnAIDSFoundationOscarEQfDINHXndtl.jpg

 photo 23rdAnnualEltonJohnAIDSFoundationOscarOTMjwUb4SGzl.jpg

HLN correspondent Rocsi Diaz (in a Dennis Basso gown) caught up with the Queen Bee on the carpet.

 photo 23rdAnnualEltonJohnAIDSFoundationOscar48yaP9GMdq7l.jpg

Best Man star Taye Diggs and his girlfriend Amanza Smith Brown were all wrapped up in love. We wonder how it was watching his soon-to-be ex-wife Idina Menzel on the stage. He likely had no qualms about it being that he and Idina seem to be handling their divorce without any hiccups.

 photo 23rdAnnualEltonJohnAIDSFoundationOscarxRUAZOAOKW5l.jpg

"Vampire Diaries" star Kat Graham was all about showing cleavage in a black Michael Costello gown, Chelsea Paris and Neil Lane jewelry.

 photo 23rdAnnualEltonJohnAIDSFoundationOscar4jqhmqFdcQDl.jpg

And musician Nile Rodgers was in the mix.

At another party...

 photo 87thAnnualAcademyAwardsGovernorsBallU5Qgtdenustl.jpg

After the show is the after party! Oscar winner Common linked up with Questlove, Akiva Schaffer and Andy Samberg of "The Lonely Island" for some laughs and good times during the Oscar's Governors Ball at the Hollywood & Highland Center.

 photo 87thAnnualAcademyAwardsGovernorsBallBWzcxhVp50il.jpg

Something was either really funny or everyone was just excited about the Chi-town rapper's win!

 photo 87thAnnualAcademyAwardsGovernorsBallfGq0AZXx4-gl.jpg

Media mogul Oprah was spotted carrying around the LEGO Oscar she received during the "Everything Is Awesome" performance by Tegan and Sara.

 photo 87thAnnualAcademyAwardsGovernorsBallbRzCXoWKNugl.jpg

Kevin Hart's fiancee Eniko Parrish looked on as Kevin got silly. Typical Kevin antics....

 photo 87thAnnualAcademyAwardsGovernorsBallTN3Isc6Sm7el.jpg

SELMA star David Oyelowo also hit the Governors Ball scene.

 photo 87thAnnualAcademyAwardsGovernorsBallNU8IBsW3Dezl.jpg

 photo 87thAnnualAcademyAwardsGovernorsBallWE8dy67B0Agl.jpg

And so did Eddie Murphy and his girlfriend Paige Butcher.


At another after party....

 photo MercedesBenzUSAAfricanAmericanFilmCriticsj_d1Q_ynFs0l.jpg

"blackish" star Tracee Ellis Ross had her natural tresses poppin' on the red carpet at the Mercedes-Benz USA and African American Film Critics Association Oscars viewing party last night.

 photo MercedesBenzUSAAfricanAmericanFilmCriticsW-KkAGxYmhnl.jpg

Upcoming "Scream Queens" star Niecy Nash sparkled in a black strapless number.

 photo MercedesBenzUSAAfricanAmericanFilmCriticsLlPF3FfCYLPl.jpg

Legendary singer Natalie Cole posed it up alonside Star Jones showing off in all red.

 photo MercedesBenzUSAAfricanAmericanFilmCritics3x_ApNSQp3Wl.jpg

"Being Mary Jane" star Raven Goodwin was in the mix.

 photo MercedesBenzUSAAfricanAmericanFilmCriticsT9EM1Nuq8skl.jpg

"Instant Mom" star Sheryl Lee Ralph also opted for a red hot look.

 photo MercedesBenzUSAAfricanAmericanFilmCriticsw5KwSxOxAnJl.jpg

And so did iconic model Beverly Johnson.

 photo MercedesBenzUSAAfricanAmericanFilmCriticssMSA1eI4azjl.jpg

Actresses Lynn Whitfield and Edwina Findley were all smiles during the viewing party. Lynn is gearing up to star on TV One’s original horror film franchise Fear Files, joining Columbus Short and Erica Hubbard.

Here's a few shots from inside....

 photo MercedesBenzUSAAfricanAmericanFilmCritics-FL4UQ5TG09l.jpg

 photo MercedesBenzUSAAfricanAmericanFilmCriticsGYvK4lKDlwjl.jpg

 photo MercedesBenzUSAAfricanAmericanFilmCriticsLyLmIoEpsCDl.jpg

 photo MercedesBenzUSAAfricanAmericanFilmCriticsdKJoW-lNkKYl.jpg

Looks like everyone had a good time!


Photos: Getty/Splash/Pacific Coast News

THE "SUPPORTIVE" EX: Daniel Gibson's "ALL IN" With Keyshia Cole, ATTENDS Reality Show Premiere And Says She's His "Angel"


 photo boobydsddds.png

Keyshia Cole celebrated her return to reality tv with a select groups of VIPS, including her very supportive ex Daniel Gibson.  See party pics inside and the special message Daniel posted about her.

 photo yshia2.jpg

Tonight at 9:30pmET on BET, "Remember (Part 2)" singer Keyshia Cole makes her return to the small screen with "Keyshia Cole: All In", an 8-episode docu-series chronicling her career challenges, marital complications, motherhood and sibling rivalry.

To kick off the series debut, Keyshia invited a select group of VIP to a screening party at Music Hall Movie Theater in LA. Among the notable guests....her ex-Daniel Gibson (shown escorting her in ). 

 photo yshai3.jpg

"I Deserve It" singer Faith Evans was among the music elite who came out in support of Keyshia.

 photo yshia4.jpg

Faith and singer/producer Rufus Blaq posed with Keyshia at the premiere.  Afterwards, the guests headed over to Philippe for an after party. 

 photo yshia1.jpg 

Daniel was right by Keyshia's side for both the premiere and the after party.  On Instagram he posted an endearing caption about their up and down relationship saying, "look what i found.. full support of this Angel at her premiere. #AllIn" He ended with,"#GirliKnowYouWantThisDiii"

Hmmm....we're not sure if they hooked up afterwards (to get the "Diii"), but we'll be watching the show.... 

Watch the first episode here...

“Keyshia Cole: All In,” premieres on Tuesday, Feb. 24, 2015, at 9:30 ET on BET.


Photo via Keyshia Cole's Instagram/WENN

ARRESTED: “LAHH NY” Star Rich Dollaz In The SLAMMER For Unpaid Child Support (AGAIN)! + Bail Set At $70,000...CASH


 photo rd.png

Well it looks like "Love & Hip Hop NY" star Rich Dollaz has found himself in jail for child support….again! Get the deets on his latest arrest inside….

“Love & Hip Hop NY” star Rich Dollaz is currently behind bars for unpaid child support. And his arrest was almost like déjà vu. Remember when he was arrested at a Five Guys restaurant back in October? Well, apparently the cops love picking dude up at restaurants because he was allegedly at yet another restaurant when he was taken into custody recently.

We were tipped off he was taken into custody for unpaid child support, so we did a little digging. Rich Dollaz (real name Richard Towers) is currently behind bars at the Hudson County Jail in Kearny, New Jersey with one warrant for unpaid child support. The amount he owes in child support was not immediately available, but our source tells us he could owe up to $200,000! It's unclear which child this money is allegedly owed to.

The 43-year-old reality star is located in the A-100 East facility and right now, his bond is currently set at $70,000. And get this, it’s a cash bond that requires the amount be paid in full before he is released. Hmm...we wonder if Mona Scott-Young will cough up the dough to have him released?

We’re not exactly sure when he was arrested, but the last time he was active on Twitter was on Feb. 18th. Rich is pretty active on Twitter, which leads us to believe he was arrested not too long after the 18th. Sighs…

It's interesting to note, he posted a pic of himself with others yesterday, allegedly at The Hilton Hotel:



A photo posted by Rich Dollaz (@richiedollaz) on


We're lead to believe he has someone posting pictures for him because we called the Hudson County Jail this morning and according to their records (last updated at 4:41am) he is currently incarcerated. 

We reached out to his reps on Monday, but we have not gotten a response yet.

Recently, Rich revealed he has three new shows on the way:




Hmm...he has time to produce new shows and appear on VH1, but refuses to pay his child support. What gives? 

We'll keep you posted on when/if he gets out of the slammer. We hear he's expected to go before a judge in March.


Photo: Rich's IG

Are Rihanna & Kanye West Gearing Up For A World Tour? + Nicki Minaj & Meek Mill Bringing “The Pinkprint” Tour To America This Summer


 photo rihkinside.jpg

We have a few bits about some upcoming tours. First, new deets spill on a possible world tour with Rihanna and Kanye West. Also, Nicki Minaj revealed her European tour “The Pinkprint” is coming to America this summer…and she’s bringing her rumored boo Meek Mill along with her. Deets inside….

Rumors have been circulating that Rihanna and Kanye West are gearing up for a tour since the image below appeared online earlier this month from “anonymous sources”:

 photo rihk2.jpg

Now, another image alluding to a world tour with the two superstars has popped up. Live Nation in Finland posted a concert on its website billed as “Kanye & Rihanna” for a show on July 25th in Tallinn, Estonia. The event was eventually taken down, but not before it was caught in a screenshot thanks to Kanye to The message board:

 photo rihto.jpg

Hmm...is a tour really in the works? We're not exactly sure. No other dates confirming an actual tour have surfaced yet.

Rih and Ye released their joint track with Paul McCartney "FourFiveSeconds" on Jan. 24th and it’s reported Kanye is currently executive producing Rih’s upcoming album. The two debuted their first performance of the song at the 2015 GRAMMY Awardsearlier this month. Kanye West is also currently working on a new album.

Two new albums, a song together....sounds like the makings of tour could possibly be in the works. We'll keep you posted on any deets as they become available.

Speaking of Rih....

 photo rihhomme.png

A new track from the Bajan beauty has been released today. And it's a track from her upcoming animated film Home, where she's the voice of the character "Tip." She posted on Instagram, "My song “Towards The Sun”, the first single from the upcoming #DreamWorksHOME soundtrack, is out now!! Download now on iTunes." Home hits theaters March 27th.


Onto another tour.....

 photo nickimeek.png

Nicki Minaj is gearing up to tour overseas with Trey Songz for “The Pinkprint” tour, kicking off March 16th in Sweden. Now, Nicki has already confirmed the European tour will be making it’s way to the States, but she just recently revealed her rumored boo Meek Mill will be joining her on stage.

 photo nmto.png

Earlier this month, the “Anaconda” raptress revealed her tour would be making a stop at the BET Experience Festival on June 26th at the Staples Center. Now, she’s confirming Philly rapper Meek Mill is on the bill as well.

In an Instagram caption she posted yesterday, she said:

#ThePinkprintTOUR #EuropeanEdition kicks off next month with Trey Songz. See u guys soon!!! @boomkack @rushkabergman #ThePinkprintTOUR comes to America this summer with @meekmill and MORE! Can't wait to unveil the rest of the line up! Loveeeee

We told you the two were gearing up for a co-headlining tour together billing themselves as the "Hottest Rap Couple". They already did a show in NYC on Valentine’s Day during All-Star Weekend at the Copacabana. Also, they’re scheduled to hit the stage together during CIAA weekend on Feb.28th at The Oasis At The Tent in Charlotte, NC.


We're sure more dates will be trickling out soon, so stay tuned...



1. Damon Wayans has postponed some tour dates due to a medical emergency related to his diabetes. STORY


Photos: Getty/Rihanna's IG/Nicki's IG

BET HONORS 2015 HIGHLIGHTS: Damon Dash CELEBRATES Kanye West's "Courage", Admits They Still Have ISSUES Between Them


 photo ererfvrfvrv.png


Last night, BET HONORS 2015 spurred several watercooler moments and we've got the highlights. See Damon Dash's tribute to Kanye, Trey Songz channeling Usher and Patti Labelle bringing Phylicia Rashad to tears inside...


BET Honors 2015 aired last night, celebrating the lives and achievements of five African American icons. The program honored Usher, Microsoft chairman John Thompson, Phylicia Rashad, National Museum of African Art director Johnnetta B. Cole and Kanye West. 

TheYBF.com attended #BETHonors (check out our red carpet coverage) and we witnessed several watershed events.  Thankfully, BET created an exclusive player (below) that houses the show's most unforgettable moments. 

On social media, folks are buzzing about Kanye West's acceptance speech.  He received the "Visionary" Award after an introduction from Damon Dash

Damon, who started with the revelation that he has Diabetes, told several anecdotes about Kanye's arrogance and swagger, while championing him for his "courage."  In fact, he joked that Kanye showed "courage" by asking him to present the award, "Because they don't know what I'm going to say!"  He also mentioned that he and Kanye hadn't seen each other for a while, and they still have a few issues between them (mainly emotional).  In spite of their differences, Damon applauded Kanye for using his platform to speak his mind and follow his heart.

Once Kanye began his acceptance speech, he told the audience,"I think for maybe one of the first times in my life I understand how it is to feel humble," Throughout his speech, he talked about illusions of success ("It's the mentality - the slave mentality - we all eventually become slaves to that car, slaves to the perception, slaves to the idea of being cool"), Kim ('I want to say that my wife has dated broke black dudes. So it ain't got nothing to do with the money), racism, and he also stressed the importance of ownership rather than just “playing in the league.” One of his most interesting quotables was when he stated that “[as black people] our oil is our expression, it’s our influence, don’t ever let them take that away.

Kanye's tribute video included interviews with Jay Z, Kendrick Lamar, Kim Kardashian, Common, and others who praised him for moving the culture forward and always thinking ahead of the game. Watch the tribute video here: 

Also.....the player above houses the other honoree's acceptances speeches as well as inspirational videos about their journey to greatness. 


Musically, Patti Labelle brought honoree Phylicia Rashad to tears, Mary J. Blige performed her latest single "Doubt" and Trey Songz channeled Usher.  Watch their performances here:



Photo via BET Press Room

SPEAK ON IT: Zendaya READS “E! News” Anchor Giuliana Rancic For FILTH For Suggesting Her Faux Locs Smell Like Oils And Weed!


 photo zenloc.jpg

Chile..."E! News" anchor Giuliana Rancic tried it! During commentary on "Fashion Police" Giuliana she said the Disney star must smell like oils or weed.  Zendaya got word of her ignorant comments and read the hell out of Giuliana. Get the receipts inside....

When you make an ignorant and ultimately offensive comment on a public platform, expect to get checked! “E! News” anchor Giuliana Rancic learned the hard way. Zapped star Zendaya read her for filth after a very offensive comment she made while hosting “Fashion Police” following this year’s Oscar Awards.

The Disney star hit the red carpet looking gorgeous in a white off-the-shoulder Vivenne Westwood gown and she decided to top off her look with a brand new ‘do: faux locs.

While giving commentary on Zendaya’s look on “Fashion Police,” Giuliana said this about Zendaya’s hair:

Her exact words were, "I feel that she smells like patchouli oil . . . or weed." Wait...what?! Did she really just go there? Chile.....

Well, the 18-year-old starlet had plenty to say about Giuliana’s insensitive comment and she nicely put her in her place. She eloquently wrote:

 photo zentwee.png

Preach Zendaya!

Giuliana took to Twitter to issue an apology to Zendaya, which read:

 photo gilback-1.png


So...do you think Guiliana was throwing shade or did she not mean any harm with her comment?




Photos: Getty/Zendaya's IG


MOMMY AND ME: Jennifer Hudson At LAX With Son David Jr., DISHES On Her "Empire" Role, Says "I'm Team Cookie"


 photo wlax1.jpg

Jennifer Hudson and her adorable son David were spotted at Los Angeles International Airport yesterday. See their airport candids inside and find out what JHud had to say about her upcoming "Empire" cameo...



 photo wlax2.jpg

Goodbye West Coast! After her critically-acclaimed performance of "I Can't Let Go" at the 2015 Oscars, Jennifer Hudson packed up her 5-year-old son David Otunga Jr. and headed for LAX.

 photo wlax5.jpg

What's next for Jen?  She'll be appearing on a few episodes of Lee Daniels' hit FOX series "Empire" and we suspect she's a fan of Taraji P. Henson.  She told Access Hollywood, "I love Cookie. Everyone knows a Cookie, right?...... Okay, I'm Team Cookie. Sorry, Terrence."

 photo wlax3.jpg

While Jen kept mum about her actual role on the show, we do know that fans will get to hear her Grammy-winning vocals. She spoke about her experience on the set saying, "It is the best vibe ever. I think that's part of the magic in the show, you know. It just has this specialness about it. It gives that platform, that outlet, you know, because there's not many shows like that."


"Empire" airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Fox.




Photos via INF



INSTAGRAM ROUND UP: Did Lil Wayne Share A Pic Of His Son With Lauren London? + Remy Ma & Fat Joe REUNITE + Tyga & Blac Chyna’s Mom All Smiles During Concert


 photo lilwson.jpg

We have rounded up a few Instagram pics and videos of some of your fave YBF folks. Check the pics of Lil Wayne and Lauren London’s son Cameron, Remy Ma and Fat Joe reuniting on stage, Tyga posing it up with Blac Chyna’s mom and more inside…

Lil Wayne is known for not being real social media savy, but he does hit up his Twitter time to time. And in one of his recent tweets, he posted a picture of himself and an adorable little boy that some believe could be his 5-year-old son Cameron Carter with “The Game” actress Lauren London.

Wayne and Lauren are notoriously known for keeping little Cameron under wraps. We barely saw any pictures of Lauren pregnant, outside of a few shots, and we’ve NEVER seen Cameron…until now, or so we think.

On Sunday, Weezy hit up his Twitter and posted a flick of himself and a little boy. And the kiddie DOES look like he could be the offspring of both parents. Wayne wasn’t the only one on Twitter Sunday night. Lauren was also tweeting and based on one of her tweets, she may have peeped the pic Wayne posted and issued her own response:

 photo lltweet.png

Wayne and Lauren welcomed little Cameron in September 2009. She claims they were once engaged in hopes of getting married at one point, but that clearly didn't happen as the two split before Cam was born. Wayne also fathered a child with singer Nivea a few months after Lauren's son was born. Since calling it quits, the two have moved on to other significant others. Wayne is rumored to be dating Christina Milian, while Lauren is currently in a relationship with rapper Nipsy Hussle


Also on social media Sunday night.....


A video posted by TheYBF.com (@theybfdaily) on

While we were watching the 2015 Oscars, Remy Ma and Fat Joe reunited on stage for the first time in 10 years! The two had a falling out years ago, but patched things up while Remy was serving time. Sunday night, the two hit the stage to perform their Grammy nominated track "Lean Back." The Bronx raptress captioned, "#RemyMa & @FatJoe ... Yes!! This really just happened... #BronxBullies #1stTimeIn10years #TrueStory #LeanBack #TheSequelComing #WaitOnIt #BXFightClub." Well good for them!


 photo bcmom1.jpg

Blac Chyna and Tyga might not be on good terms right now (with all of the socialmedia drama they have going on), but it seems the her ex-fiance and her mom are still cool.

Blac Chyna’s mom Shalana Hunter, who blasted Tyga back in November for allegedly hacking Chyna’s Twitter, was backstage at his “Between the Sheets” tour (with Chris Brown& Trey Songz) stop in Washington, D.C Sunday night. And she has the pics and videos to prove it.

 photo bcmom2.jpg

Looks like they’ve kissed and made up since she went off on him, calling him a b*tch a** n*gga during her rant, and everything seems to be well.

In a few Facebook posts, she shares pics and videos of her greeting her daughter’s ex-fiance/grandson’s father. Once they see each other, they embrace with a hug and seem really happy to see each other:







She captioned, "It good to know that your team is with you through good or bad because ONLY good things can go down!! Regardless to his personal problems with my kid.. Like we all have or had. He still my baby boy and my grandson dad!! He ain't goin no where/ family"

Well, at least there's good blood between these two...maybe Tyga and Chyna can work their issues out soon.

 photo tjwhite.png

Today, Terrence J was tapped to moderate the "Champions of Change" panel honoring  historically black colleges and universities held at the White House. And Keshia Knight Pulliam was in attendance as well. Terrence J attended North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University while Keshia attended black liberal arts college for women Spelman College. Terrence captioned the moment, "At the White House moderating a panel on Historically Black Colleges & Universities - doing our part to support these important institutions! #HBCUChamps #NCA&T"


The "E! News" anchor also nabbed a shot with one of the First Family's dogs named Sunny:

 photo ScreenShot2015-02-24at24427PM.png



 photo didmmm.png

Looks Diddy may have copped himself some new ink. He's flossing his new back tattoo on Instagram captioning, "MMM."

MMM (Money Making Mitch) is allegedly the title of his upcoming album. Hmm...maybe this is the cover art? Time will tell...


Photos: Lil Wayne's Twitter, Remy's IG/Shalana's Facebook/Diddy's IG

NEW VIDEOS: Big Sean's "Dark Sky" (Skyscrapers) + Sevyn Streeter's "How Bad Do You Want It (Oh Yeah)" (Single)


 photo bigseanssd.png

Big Sean has released a video for "Dark Sky (Skyscrapers)" from his latest album Dark Sky Paradise.  Watch it inside and listen to Sevyn Streeter's"How Bad Do You Want It (Oh Yeah)" from the Furious 7 soundtrack.

Big Sean next album, Dark Sky Paradise, hits iTunes tomorrow and he's released a video for the title track "Dark Sky (Skyscrapers)."

The clip was directed by Dylan Knight and Andrew Hines, and shows Sean riding "up" an elevator shaft (as he raps about his early years and EBT cards) before he makes his way to the rooftop (commercial success & luxury living).

"I got a lot on my mind, I got more in my face
If I ain't going to get it, that day is going to waste
I'm tryna move in my safe, like the safe was a safehouse

I ain't going out to eat, but these hoes stay on the stakeout
And you know it's official when I go bringing that BAPE out
I'm thumbing through the magazines like "this the girl I'mma take out"
Imagine stuck in the D and you tryna find a way way out
And yeah, your music been bumping and you just waiting to break out

And I've been waiting all god damn year, all year
I can tell that it's near, but near ain't here
Man, them bills is here right now
I guess you shine brightest when the lights down, like now
And then they say it happened for me overnight, shit, yeah I guess

I guess it took ten years for me to be an overnight success
What you know about living check to check to living check to check to check to check? First place, no neck and neck
Two girls is breast to breast to breast to breast
Blowing smoke but I'm a breath of fresh air
Yeah, saying I'm doing extra numbers like I'm Chinese
Taking double shots like Siamese
I'm from where crime breeds, her titties out like sign these
I knew I lived this life back when I was young and used to climb trees

I should've known back then I wasn't gonna stop
Cause even then I was infatuated with just sitting at the top
I said I should've known back then, man, that I wasn't gonna stop
Cause even then I was infatuated with just sitting at the top"


Last week, Big Sean released a single featuring his girlfriend Ariana Grande ("Research") from the Dark Sky Paradise album.  Listen to it here.


In other new music...

 photo iuuuiukm.png

Another new track off the"Furious 7" soundtrack (see T.I.& Young Thughere) has leaked. This time, we've got Sevyn Streeter's "How Bad Do You Want It (Oh Yeah)."  If you like the EDM-infused track, you can pick up the"Furious 7" soundtrack on March 17 before the movie opens in U.S. theaters on April 3.

The disc will also feature Wiz Khalifa's"Go Hard or Go Home" featuring Iggy Azalea and "Ride Out" recorded by Kid Ink, Tyga, Wale, YG and Rich Homie Quan.

Speaking of her song's inclusion on the soundtrack, Sevyn told Rap-Up"I'm excited to be a part of that whole franchise. I've been a fan of Fast and Furious for forever, so to be a part of Furious 7 is cool."





Photo via Sevyn's Instagram

MUSIC BITS: Rihanna SINGS "Towards The Sun" From The Movie "HOME" + Tamia Releases "Sandwich And A Soda" (Single), SIGNS New Deal With Def Jam


 photo rihanna-towards-the-sun-cover.jpg

Rihanna gets animated in the upcoming film "Home" and we've got her soundtrack contribution "Towards The Sun." Listen to the love song inside and check out Tamia's new Def Jam single "Sandwich And A Soda." 

Today, Rihanna debuted her new song “Towards the Sun”, taken from the soundtrack to DreamWorks Animation’sHOME. A few weeks ago, we told you about the animated film where RiRi voices an “ordinary girl” named Tip opposite “Big Bang Theory” star Jim Parsons. The film hits theaters on March 27. In the meantime, check out Rihanna as she looks "Towards The Sun" below.

In other news, Rihanna celebrated her 27th birthday last week as buzz continues to build about her Kanye West-produced album R8. It's expected to drop early this year and will feature the Kanye West and Paul McCartney-assisted single “FourFiveSeconds,”



In other music news....

 photo tmagirll.png

Singer Tamia, whose married to basketball legend Grant Hill, has a new single and new recording deal with Def Jam.  The six-time Grammy Award-nominee has been exclusively signed to Def Jam Recordings, and will release her highly anticipated first album for the label in June, LOVELIFE.  LOVELIFE is the long-awaited follow-up to Tamia’s Beautiful Surprise of 2012, which garnered her two Grammy nominations. The album’s title track "Beautiful Surprise" became her 10th career Top 20 R&B chart hit. LOVELIFE will feature collaborations with an impressive list of beatmakers including Pop & Oak, The Dream and Tricky Stewart.

She's kicking off the new album with the single “Sandwich And A Soda.”




Photos/Music via Complex/Tamia's Instagram

EXCLUSIVE: BTS With Jodeci For Their “Every Moment” Video Shoot


 photo jo2.jpg

Jodeci is currently on the comeback trail and now they’re gearing up to release a new video for their track “Every Moment.” Get an exclusive look at behind-the-scenes flicks inside….

If you haven’t heard, Jodeci is gearing up for a huge comeback!  K-Ci, Jojo, DeVante and Mr. Dalvin made headlines after reuniting on stage at the 2014 Soul Train Music Awards last year, debuting a new track with B.o.B. titled “Nobody Wins.” Since then, it was announced the guys will be hitting the road with R. Kelly for the “Real Kings of R&B” tour.

Then, they released their newest track “Every Moment” last month and now they’re gearing up to release the visuals.

The video will premiere on Jodeci’s Facebook fan page (www.facebook.com/jodeci) on February, 25th at 8 PM ET and will debut on VEVO February 26th. "Every Moment" was shot by Hype Williams and the concept (hitting the slopes in Aspen, Colorado) was created by Breyon Prescott and styling was done by celebrity stylist April Roomet. Celebrity photographer Lynn Goldsmith was on set to capture stills from the video shoot

TheYBF.com has an exclusive look at the fellas on set, and their snowy-mountain fashions are on fleek. 

 photo jo4.jpg

 photo jo1.jpg

 photo jo3.jpg

As they gear up to release the new video, they're also are readying a new album titled, The Past, The Present, The Future. This is their first album in nearly 20 years and it's expected to drop March 31st.

Peep the tracklist below:


01. “Too Hot”
02. “Sho Out”
03. “Checkin For You”
04. “Those Things” (co-prod. Timbaland)
05. “Every Moment”
06. “Nobody Wins” f. B.o.B.
07. “Incredible” (co-prod. Timbaland)
09. “Jennifer”
10. “Body Parts”
11. “Stress Reliever”
12. “Sho Out” f. Liana Banks


Are you excited?

Photos via Lynn Goldsmith

YBF FELLAS: Kevin Hart (With Heaven & Hendrix) & Floyd Mayweather At The LA Clippers Game + Big Sean & A$AP Ferg At The "Dark Sky Paradise" Release


 photo starv20.jpg


Kevin Hart, Floyd Mayweather, Big Sean and A$AP Ferg were among the YBF fellas we spotted out and about.  Find out what they were up to inside...


Yesterday, The Memphis Grizzlies defeated the Los Angeles Clippers (90-87) at Staples Center in downtown Los Angeles and A-list comedian Kevin Hart had the best seats in the house.  Kevin, who's heading to the big screen in Get Hard with "SNL" alum Will Ferrell, was spotted courtside with his kids Heaven and Hendrix. Of course, his fiancee Eniko was there too.

 photo starf1.jpg

Floyd Mayweather sat courtside....but he didn't sit quietly.

 photo starf2.jpg

Apparently....he likes to coach the players from the side line.  J.J. Redick looked a little annoyed by it all.

 photo starv3.jpg

In other Mayweather news, the "Twizzlers" lovin' boxer is set to fightManny Pacquiao on May 2nd in what's expected to be the most-profitable fight of all time. The pay-per-view event could generate $250 million!


In New York City...

 photo bfgajw.jpg

Big Sean is in NYC where he's prepping for the release of his album Dark Sky Paradise (available tomorrow).

 photo stavr139.jpg

His album release party (sponsored by D'usse and Ciroc) was held last night at NYC hot spot Up & Down.  And as you can see, he got "up" on the bar and got "down" to his new tracks - while rocking the Yeezy 750 Boost.

 photo bwrb30.jpg

Earlier today, he dropped a new video for the title track "Dark Sky (Skyscrapers)."

 photo starv8.jpg  

A$AP Ferg was in the building to celebrate with him.



Photos via Madison McGraw, BFA/Splash

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