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     photo Screen Shot 2018-08-16 at 11.49.36 AM_zpsofdgvbcw.png

    Trina Braxton isn't feeling how the Braxtons are with each other these days.  We've got an exclusive sneak peek at sisters' messy return tonight on "BFV".

    A LOT has gone down since the spring.  The Braxton sisters are back from a mid-season break tonight on "Braxton Family Values," and Trina's breaking down in tears over just how far apart they've grown.

    The st time we saw almost all the sisters together was at Tamar's son Logan's 5th birthday party at Disney World in June:

     photo Screen Shot 2018-08-16 at 11.46.41 AM_zpsuwlgx2gz.png

     photo Screen Shot 2018-08-16 at 11.47.03 AM_zpsaksyd1j2.png

    It seems that was a one-off occasion because Trina says they barely speak or see each other anymore.  And it's tearing her part.  From Tamar's divorce and separation drama to Traci's new music to Toni planning her wedding with Birdman, they all have their own ish going on.  And Trina just wants to open up a second Bar Chix with all her sisters.



    Season 6 returns tonight on WEtv.


    Photos: Instagram

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    Terry Crews is being accused of cyberstalking and defamation in a $1 million lawsuit. Meanwhile, there are updates on Mariah Carey's situation with her ex-manager Stella Bulochnikov suing her and The Game having to cough up dough to Viacom. Get it all inside...

    After testifying in front of Congress and continuing his lawsuit against WME over alleged sexual assault by an agent, the "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" actor is now on the receiving end of a lawsuit.

    According to Deadline, Terry is being sued for $1 million by his former friend/social media manager Darwin Hall. The plaintiff claims he's owed more that $1 million in wages and reimbursements for work he did on Terry's social media accounts and his website. He's totally 6,000 hours of work he wasn't paid for.

    Hall is accusing the 50-year-old actor for breach of contract, cyberbullying, and harassment. He reportedly is also suing for an "implied and disputed discrimination move against a member of the LGBTQ community in a business dust-up over an app." In the suit, Hall said Terry encouraged his fans to harass him with threats after the actor blasted him on social media.

    The suit reads: “This Complaint is brought by Plaintiff Darwin Hall seeking payment for services rendered and costs incurred by Plaintiff in connection with his services to Defendants, and for Defendants’ tortious acts in response,” says the jury-seeking multi-claim filing made in L.A. Superior Court yesterday by the owner of Milwaukee, WI-based Symbolic Web Media, LLC. “As a direct and proximate result of Defendants’ breach of the agreements, Plaintiffs have suffered damages in an amount to be proven at trial, and exceeding $1,000,000,” the complaint adds, with claims of emotional distress plus “several harrowing weeks of despicable online harassment and cyberstalking” launched off posts by Crews in late 2017.

    Deadline reports:

    Things are far from static in the 17-page plus extensive exhibits filing (read it here), where Hall details a digital “professional relationship” with his “long time friend” and then just-retired NFL player Crews that started in 1999 to “enhance” the latter’s online presence. The paperwork also mentions helping Crews “obtain additional followers for his social media accounts,” a statement that is a bit odd as social media didn’t exist in the sunset of the 20th century.

    Hmmm....that social media tidbit is very interesting. How was he helping Terry gain followers when social media wasn't a thing back then?

    Nonetheless, that misstep aside, the filing adds that the duo apparently agreed on a price of $55 per hour for the online duties and Hall went to work putting together websites for Crews. Those efforts included working on Crews’ Facebook page and more up until 2017 it seems. Efforts that Hall and his lawyers at Beverly Hills’ studio accounting specializing Johnson & Johnson LLP assert aided Crews to transition from sports to be able to “unquestionably” make it in the TV and film business – which is when the payments were supposed to kick in.

    Yet, despite supposedly putting in over 6,000 hours working for Crews, Hall says he was only paid $28,479.06 by the Deadpool 2 actor over the decades – which makes it sound like he needs an accountant as well as attorneys. Then, with the August 14 filing suddenly taking a very ugly turn to claim Crews essentially freaked out in mid-2013 over Hall working for an LGBT-identifying client on what the plaintiff calls a “dating app that the client had created for professional women,” things went toxic between Symbolic Web Media and Crews’ loan-out company of Crews Arts Ltd – which is in theory how things ended up in the court system.

    Last year, Terry seemingly addressed the situation, but he never named Hall, his company, nor did he mention anything about the LGBTQ community. Peep the tweets:












    Terry has yet to respond publicly to the lawsuit. 

    In other legal news...

    We told y'all Mariah Carey’s former manager Stella Bulochnikov (Stopler) was planning to sue the singer. And now, ish just got real.

    Stella has been trying to serve her former Grammy Award winning client with a summons, but wasn't able to...until now. It's reported Stella tried several times to serve MiMi, but “the doorman would not call up to the apartment saying that he knew Ms. Carey was not home.” After the third attempt, the server left the documents with the doorman.

    Stella, who appeared on Mariah's reality show, said she believes she's owed commissions for the millions and millions of dollars she helped MiMi earn while working together. She's estimating up to $100 million in three years. Damn!

    “When I started representing Mariah in 2015, I made her over $27 million. The following year, in 2016, I made her $35 million. In 2017, I made her roughly $40 million. I had secured over $50 million in deals through our joint company for 2018,” Stella told RadarOnline.

    “I have given Mariah every opportunity to make good on this, and I have done everything that I can to preserve her integrity. This lawsuit is neither frivolous, nor baseless. It is about money that is owed to me for services that were rendered, as well as massive deals that were in place through our joint company.”

    The Blast reports Stella is also planning to sue Roc Nation:

    Bulochnikov is also prepping to sue Roc Nation because she believes they interfered with her joint venture with Mariah — which was going to produce movies and TV shows — which was worth $50 million. Part of that lawsuit will also include allegations of canceling and then re-booking of shows to cut out Stella’s commission.

    Mariah's ex-manager filed a summons in NYC court in April, stating she was going to sue for breach of contract and a violation of the Fair Employment and Housing Act. At the time, she also claims when Mariah was naked around her that she would do “sexual things” in her presence. Right after Stella filed that summons, Mariah spoke out and revealed she has been battling with bipolar disorder. She likely shared her disorder because she knew Stella was going to start talking.

    This is getting ugly.

    In other legal woes...

    Remember when we told you Viacom filed paperwork against the game (real name Jayceon Taylor) to pay courts costs in the rapper's $20 million lawsuit? Well, he just took another "L."

    You'll recall, The Game lost the $20 million lawsuit he launched against Viacom after an alleged sexual assault that went down during filming of his former dating show, "She Got Game." A judge dismissed the suit in June. He launched the lawsuit because he felt Viacom should have been liable for the $7.1 million judgement he was hit with by the alleged victim, Prisicilla Rainey.

    But, the judge didn't see it that way. And the system isn't on his side again. The west coast rapper has been ordered to pay a total of $32,528.80 to reimburse the company for the money spent on legal fees. Viacom was seeking $35,729.50, so he got a super small break in the ruling.


    Photos: Getty

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    A Philadelphia mom went viral after dropping $25,000 on a uber lavish Dubai-themed prom party (with REAL camels) for her son. Now, she's being brought up on social security fraud. Details inside...

    When going viral goes totally wrong!

    A North Philadelphia mother/restaurateur went viral last year when flicks and videos of her son's uber lavish Dubai-themed prom went viral. And with good reason. It was super extra and over the top.  Like, a whole desert like situation was concocted and ish.

    Saudia Shuler, 44, went all out for her son, spending $25,000 on a live camel, three tons of sand and exotic cars for a huge event in her neighborhood as she sent her son off to prom last spring. Here are a few flicks she posted on her Instagram account:

    Did she pay for these dresses too though?

    Now, she has been charged with social security fraud and, if she's found guilty, she's facing a maximum of 140 years in prison! She's facing six counts of wire fraud, one count of theft of government funds and two counts of Social Security fraud.

    According to NBC Philadelphia, Saudia - who owns & operates "Country Cookin" restaurant - was indicted for allegedly collecting nearly $37,000 in government benefits by claiming she was disabled yet continuing to work, this according to the U.S. attorney for Eastern Pennsylvania.

    "The defendant applied for benefits from the Social Security Administration, claiming she was disabled and unable to work. After Social Security approved benefits, the defendant continued working, including the operation of her own restaurant," a spokeswoman for the U.S. Attorney's Office said in an email Tuesday. "This work and income was never reported to Social Security, in violation of program rules."

    After the "Dubai to Philly" party went viral, Saudia told The New York Post she wanted to celebrate her son - Johnny Eden Jr. - who helped her through her illnesses.

    “I had a stroke. I had seizures. I had cancer,” she said. “All within the last three years. He struggled a lot when I was sick. I couldn’t walk, I couldn’t go to the bathroom on my own. He had to go through all that and still go to school. And I said, "If I make it through this, I’m going to make his prom the best."'



    After throwing her son's prom party, she also threw an extravagant Christmas party to give back to the underprivledged kids in the community.

    “We gave them 140 bikes,” she told NBC Philadelphia. “We gave out over 50 scooters. We gave out 'Batman' cars, like the remote-controlled cars you put your feet on and then drive.”

    She also threw a massive Black Panther-themed prom party for 24 students in Philly this past prom season:

    Saudia claims she had received donations from all over the country to help pay for the massive events.

    Her attorney, Tariq El-Shabazz, said he doesn't see where she broke any laws. "I didn't see the meat yet, I've just seen the bones." He added that Shuler is "still waiting to see what evidence the U.S. attorney's office will present. She is obviously upset because there are allegations contained in the indictment that are absolutely untrue," El-Shabazz said.


    Today, she was welcomed home by her family and friends and her restuarant will open back up tomorrow:




    Whew chile, the foolery!


    Photos: Saudia's IG

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     photo AOW3.jpg

    Rev. Run and Justine Simmons return to television, except this time, they are flexing their acting chops in a new, scripted Netflix comedy titled "All About The Washingtons." Find out what Rev. dished about the show to inside...

    "It's all about the Benjamins, what!" Nah, it's "All About The Washingtons" now!

    Rev. Run and his wife Justine Simmons return to television eight years after wrapping up their MTV reality series, "Run's House." This time, they're trying their hand at acting, starring as a married couple with kids on the new comedy series "All About The Washingtons."

    However, the couple is doing only so much acting as they're essentially playing themselves. The show centers around global rap superstar Joey Washington (Joseph ‘Rev Run’ Simmons) as he gears up to retire from the Hip Hop game. Sound familiar? Yep.

     photo AOW1.jpg

    With dad now home to hold down the fort, it’s Mama Justine’s (Justine Simmons) time to shine, fulfilling her lifelong dream of becoming an entrepreneur. They'll explore new family dynamics with their kids - coding teacher Veronica (Kiana Ledé), music producer Wesley (Nathan Anderson), child genius Skyler (Leah Rose Randall), and young Daevon (Maceo Smedley).

    Sounds like "black-ish" meets Hip Hop.

     photo AOW4.jpg

    By the way, Nathan Anderson is "black-ish" star Anthony Anderson's son. Sweet!

    YBF correspondentYolande caught up with Hip Hop's newest fictional family on the carpet at the Hollywood screening to get the scoop on the new Netflix series.

    "We actually came up with the main concept of it." Rev told "The concept was, Justine is pitching all these ideas whereever I go. Always. I'm busy saying 'I want to retire. I just want to get on a boat and cruise the world.' And she's truly just getting started. So that's where the conflict and the funny comes in."

    This literally sounds like "Run's House!" If you watched the show, Justine was always coming up with new ideas that Rev was hardly ever feeling.

     photo AOW2.jpg

    The Run DMC rapper also dished on what it was like working with Anthony Anderson's son and his character on the show. Find out what he said below:

    Season 1 of "All About THe Washingtons" is currently streaming on Netflix.

    Peep the trailer below:

    Photos: Getty

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    Yes, John David Washington is Denzel Washington's son. But, he's also Pauletta Washington's son too. Watch John David check an interviewer over his mama inside...

    Boys love their mama!

    John David Washington sure loves his mama. Yes, he's Denzel Washington's son, but he's also the son of Pauletta Washington. And he wants you to put some respect on his mama's name because she's a FAB black woman who raised a black man - AND supported a husband who hadn't "made it yet" - on the road to success.


    While discussing his breakout role in Spike Lee's BlacKKKlansman, John David had to nicely check TODAY’s Craig Melvin when he said "being the son of Denzel Washington," the "Ballers" actor quickly cut him off, saying, "And Pauletta Washington."

    Bloop.  He continued,

    "Who was earning more money than he was when they married. Before they got married, she was on Broadway working. She paid for the first date. She paid the bill, paid the cab ride. She's a classically trained pianist. She went to Juilliard. She's a great artist in her own right."

    Let.Folks.KNOW. John David! Stan for moms!

    "My father taught me how to hunt. My mother taught me how to love," he said.

    Aww! Peep the clip below:



    A post shared by TheYBF (@theybf_daily) on


    Loves it!

    You can peep the full interview below:

    BlacKKKlansman, Spike Lee's newest joint, is in theaters now. And it's getting RAVE reviews.


    Photos: Getty

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    Serena Williams opens up about her struggles of balancing her career and motherhood. Meanwhile, Tiffany Haddish admits that she sometimes fluffs stories to make a joke. Get it all inside...

    She's half woman, half amazing. However, she still endures some of the same struggles we all go through.

    It's been 11-months since Serena Williams gave birth to her daughter Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr., and she admits, it hasn't been easy. The tennis superstar, above rocking her Serena threads on the cover of TIME magazine, wants to dominate the court AND be a good mother to her baby.

    “Sometimes she just wants Mommy, she doesn’t want anyone else,” Serena told TIME magazine in her cover story. “I didn’t think I’d be this attached. It's difficult to leave her.”

    Nearly choking up, she continued, “I still have to learn a balance of being there for her, and being there for me. I’m working on it. I never understood women before, when they put themselves in second or third place. And it’s so easy to do. It’s so easy to do.”

    So, if she's having such a hard time, why still play tennis? Why not just focus on being a mother?

    “I’m not done yet, simple,” Serena told the TIME reporter, as they drove into San Francisco one evening for a speaking engagement. She needs tennis as much as her sport needs her. It’s the one thing, as a mother, she can do solely for herself. “My story doesn’t end here.”

    The 23-time Grand Slam title winner wants to beat Margaret Court's record of 24-Grand Slam titles. And she's clearly on a mission.

    While she's fully enjoying being a mother, the postpartum symptoms haven’t fully gone away

    “I dedicated that [Wimbledon win] to all the moms out there who’ve been through a lot,” she says. “Some days, I cry. I’m really sad. I’ve had meltdowns. It’s been a really tough 11 months. If I can do it, you guys can do it too.”

    The 36-year-old tennis star said she breastfed Olympia for the first eights month, even though she feels like it made it harder for her to whip back into shape.

    “You have the power to sustain the life that God gave her,” she said. “You have the power to make her happy, to calm her. At any other time in your life, you don’t have this magical superpower.”

    Her tennis coach, Patrick Mouratoglou, encouraged her to stop breastfeeding to help improve her game, but she wasn't about to take advice from a man who just doesn't understand the importance of breastfeeding.

    “It’s absolutely hard to take from a guy,” Serena shared. “He’s not a woman, he doesn’t understand that connection, that the best time of the day for me was when I tried to feed her. I’ve spent my whole life making everyone happy, just servicing it seems like everyone. And this is something I wanted to do.”

    Good for her!  We're sure having mom, sister, cousins, family and a doting husband around are helpful as well.

    You can read her full interview here, where she also talked how she feels about the man who fatally shot her sister getting released on parole, her marriage to Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanaian and more.


    In another magazine...

    Since dishing about Beyonce Bitegate, Tiffany Haddish has been labeled as a celeb who talks TOO much. Which is odd, because a lot of times people complain about celebs NOT telling enough. Hey, they can't make everyone happy.

    In the new September 2018 issue of VOGUE magazine, the Girls Trip star (who looks BOMB, by the way) admits that she sometimes adds fluff to stories for comedic value.

    “Apparently I run my mouth a lot. But I’m like, ‘They don’t have no idea the stuff that I really know,’ ”she explained to VOGUE. “My friends will be like, ‘Man, Tiffany, they try and say you’re spilling the tea, but you don’t actually talk.’ ” And to media outlets milking her for celebrity gossip, she offers an advisory: “Sometimes I’m just tryna crack a joke.”

    Like that story she told about Drake standing her up for a date. It wasn't actually a date, date...more like a group outing.

    “I’m not tripping,” she said, laughing. “I think there was going to be a group of us going.”


    Be sure to catch Tiffany starring opposite Kevin Hart in their upcoming comedy film Night School when it hits theaters September 28th.

    Photos: TIME/VOGUE


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    The young man who found Bobbi Kristina unresponsive in her bathtub has reportedly died after a fatal overdose. Details inside...

    This is unfortunate.

    Max Lomas, the friend who found Bobbi Kristina Brown unconscious in her bathtub in 2015, has reportedly died from a drug overdose.

    According to reports, Max was at a friend's house in Mississippi and went to use the restroom. When he took too long to come back, the friend went to check on him and that's when he found Max unresponsive on the bathroom floor. A syringe was reportedly near his body.

    Max was rushed to the hospital, but it was too late. He died. Tragic.

    Max made headlines when it was revealed he was the one to find Bobbi Kris unresponsive in her Georgia home. He opened up to PEOPLE magazine about the moment he found her body:

    "I saw her there, and I picked her up out of the water and laid her on the ground," Max told the publication a year after Bobbi Kristina's death. "I saw the color of her face and that she wasn't breathing. I called for Nick and called 911."

    "Nick was hysterical, on the ground outside, kicking and screaming," he added.

    Bobbi Kris died in hospice care in July 2015, six months after she was found in the bathtub. Max was adamant he was not the "drug dealer" who provided BK and her former boyfriend Nick Gordon drugs, despite rumors that were going around saying he was.

    Just weeks before BK was found unconscious, Max was repotedly arrested on suspicion of illegal possession of alprazolam (Xanax), possession of marijuana with intent to distribute and possession of a firearm. He pleaded not guilty.

    BK's friend dodged the charges filed in connection to her death. Nick on the other hand DID suffer a consequence following her death. Bobbi Kristina's estate won a civil suit against him for $36 million.

    Speaking of Nick, he paid tribute to his friend on social media:


    Recently, Bobbi Kristina's dad Bobby Brown announced he is developing a non-profit domestic violence shelter in memory of his late daughter called"The Bobbi Kristina Serenity House." The center will lead the way in empowering all communities about the perils of Domestic Violence, according to the website. The shelter will also offer a 24-hour crisis intervention line, an emergency transitional shelter access to resources/referral services, and advocacy for social change with expert support services for victims and survivors.

    Photo: Getty

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    Janet Jackson just dropped the visuals for her newest reggaeton bop with Daddy Yankee.  Watch it all inside, plus what she's about to do tonight for the first time in forever....


    Janet's back!  And with another bop!  Remember those on-the-set shots of Janet filming a video in NYC last month?  Now we know what it was all about.

    The Jackson queen is "Made For Now" as she dances through the streets of Brooklyn alongside Daddy Yankee and a bunch of  colorfully clad dancers in her new video, a new release fresh off her State of the Wold Tour. 

    The Harmony Samuels-produced track is currently available on iTunes and Spotify and will be released on Jackson's own newly formed Rhythm Nation Records. Nice!


    In addition to turning out Samsung 837 tonight with a major appearance, for the first time in 14 years, she's going on The Tonight Show.  She and the NY rapper will perform her single alongside the Tonight Show team who completely transformed the set into a celebration of African and Latin culture! That's a sneak peek atop.


    BONUS: Janet also stopped by The Breakfast Club today and had Charlamagne in his feelings:


    Photo: Andrew Lipovsky/NBC

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    112 recently reunited...and then broke up again. Get the deets on their break up and tour, plus the drama surrounding Dru Hill's photoshop fail inside...


    112 just can't get right and it appears they never will.

    After reuniting for the Bad Boy Reunion tour, R&B group 112 is calling it quits again.

    Band members Slim and Mike sat down with TMZ to explain why the group is dunzo for good this time. They claim their bandmates Q and Daron have decided to no longer work with the band. And that's unfortunate because they have a solid fanbase.

    Apparently, Q and Daron split from the group due to a disagreement that they can't resolve regarding personnel. In the clip, Slim apologizes to the fans and he also reveals that he's being SUED. He didn't say by who, but it sounds like one of the guys are suing him. Damn.

    Check out the clip below:

    Slim also took to Instagram to further explain the group's unraveling. He posted a series of text messages he screenshot from their group chat that dates back to March 2018. In the text messages, Daron tells the Slim and Mike they can continue to use the 112 name and said that he and Q will "do the same."

    "IT'S TIME TO BE HONEST ABOUT 112," Slim worte in the Instagram caption. "You want answers? Why do you see only 2 people in performances? As you see in these texts especially the first two is very self-explanatory, my text is the last. I'm for the brand. I never left it, never cheated it... Part of being a leader is humbleness. Putting others before self for the brand. Just how I'm built... Ironically the same guys who broke the group up before are at it again and although it's easy to walk away and pick up solo situations or investments it would be unfair to at least give a hint in what's going on."

    He went on to talk about how mistrust and loyalty has contributed to their downfall and how their "brotherhood" was broken years ago.

    Peep the receipts below:


    People sometimes you're quiet to protect... noone is perfect, trust me I'm far from it... but I don't pretend to... IT'S TIME TO BE HONEST ABOUT 112. You want answers? Why do you see only 2 people in performances? As you see in these texts especially the first two is very self-explanatory, my text is the last. I'm for the brand. I never left it, never cheated it... Part of being a leader is humbleness. Putting others before self for the brand. Just how I'm built... Ironically the same guys who broke the group up before are at it again and although it's easy to walk away and pick up solo situations or investments it would be unfair to at least give a hint in what's going on. I did that after the 5th album when this happened before... egos and mistrust amongst the members both business and personal caused that too. A person who only is around me because of a contract ain't worthy of calling me a brother. Brotherhood was broken in 03-04, parties know why and I was honest in where I stand so STOP LYING ABOUT FRIENDSHIPS... it's bizness. Unlike others I came back to brand for the fans and culture. In fact I RISKED EVERYTHING in what I believed. Not going to allow it again for members to run brand in the ground...AGAIN. The brand is in good hands. Just like the great groups I look up to that maybe changes faces but NEVER the integrity of the brand I'm gonna fight for the same with 112. People these texts were on March 27th-28th. Look at our shows with the timeline it makes sense. For a person to wanna sue the same person who helped you when you were at your worst... no we aren't bros... be who you are and proud! Don't hide your fangs and rattle. Easy to lie to others, I will expose your ACTIONS. How are you entitled to a brand you're not loyal to??Hard to excuse when it happens over and OVER AGAIN. Your management/lawyer knows you a few years.. I'VE KNOWN YOU MOST OF YOUR LIFE! Will answer questions at the appropriate time...stay tuned! #112FOREVER #OTHERSOVERSELF #LEADSINGERSPEAKS #CANTBEFAKE #SUPPORTREALNESS #ISTANDFORTHEBRAND #ITHOUGHTITWASWEUSOUR #TEXTSAREWORTHAMILLION #IAMMYBROTHERSKEEPER

    A post shared by Slim 112 (@officialslim_) on


    Mike said 112 (minus Q & Daron) is still heading out on tour regardless:


    And here are a few subliminals Daron posted on social media:


    #RepostBy @tonygaskins: (via #InstaRepost @EasyRepost)

    A post shared by Daron Jones of 112 (@daronfrom112) on




    112 formed in 1993 and released their self-titled album via Bad Boy Records. The fellas took a hiatus in 2007 and reunited in 2010. In October 2017, they released their sixth studio album titled Q, Mike, Slim, Daron. It was their first album since 2005.

    Doesn't look like we'll be getting anymore 112 music, so we're just going to leave this here:



    In other boy band news...

    Dru Hill announced they were adding new members to the group. However, their rollout didn't go quite as planned.

    On the heels of Larry “Jazz” Anthony leaving the group, Dru Hill announced they were adding Jawann “Smoke” Peacock and Benjamin “Black” Bush of the 90’s R&B trio, Playa. With the announcement, they released a new promo pic with the new additions. Once the picture hit the Internet (via VIBE), the DRAGGING of Dru Hill commenced.

    The editing of the photo wasn't up to par and Twitter made sure to point out every Photoshop fail. Smoke's shoes were totally messed up and Sisqo appears to have extra fingers:









    Smoke tried to explain to VIBE how the Photoshop fail happened:

    “First of all, I want to say that this had nothing to do with the photographers of Ross Multimedia Group,” he said. “Our Director of Digital Media wasn’t aware of that and made the decision to edit in the shoes. It just goes to show how observant Dru Hill fans are because they noticed it,” Smoke added. “Although, I have to say… it is hilarious! Nevertheless, the love is overwhelming and now the world knows we’re coming; Mission accomplished.”

    Since everyone has jokes, the group decided to star a new social media challenge called the #DruHillPhotoshopChallenge:




    At least they found the humor in it.

    And here's what Sisqo had to say about his extra fingers:




    They also released a new promo pic:



    Y'all here for this?

    Photos: Getty/VIBE

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     photo lisaraye1.png

    LisaRaye McCoy is single again after ending a 1-month engagement to her TV BAE Anthony B. Now, she's explaining why she decided to ends things with him and what she's looking for in a man. Some would call her a gold digger, but she said that's far from the truth. More inside...

    LisaRaye McCoy stepped outside the box to look for love, but it didn't work out like she hoped it would.

    Last month, "The Players Club" actress, who is two-times divorced, appeared on ABC's "The Proposal" where she ended up getting engaged to 44-year-old sales representative Anthony Bryant, who is a Chicago native like her.

    Anthony, who was 1 of 10 men competing for LisaRaye's love, popped the question after knowing her for less than an hour. And she accepted.

    Here's his on-screen proposal:



     photo lisaraye2.png

    There was a 2nd proposal that went down in her home where she was surrounded by family and friends. Check it:

    While they seemingly had a lot in common - like attending the same college - the 51-year-old actress said they are better off as friends. Why? Well, the chemistry just wasn't there AND LisaRaye said she wanted to be "equally yoked" with her partner.

    She went on Instagram to announce she and Anthony B had called things off:

     photo lisaraye3.png

    The "All Of Us" actress said during a Facebook Live clip that she's glad she did the show. She said she agreed to do it because she was "lonely" and wanted to find a companion.

    She then went on to say that she wants a man that's "equally yoked." Despite the fact people call her a gold digger, she said she shouldn't feel bad for wanting a man who can provide on her level.

    "I don't want to wear the pants in my relationship," she said in the Facebook Live video. "I wear the pants now. I do everything."


    "Money can't buy you happiness, but love can't pay the bills. At all."

    We feel you, chick.

    The "Single Ladies" actress then went on to explain exactly what she wants in a man:

    "I'm not going to be standing in someone's face trying to figure out 'How are we going to pay our bills?' because we're doing that naturally and normally on the level of survival. So, I don't want to hear that shit about 'Oh, she a gold digger.' Like I said, gold digging is high school. I'm at platinum status now. I want someone that will not be intimated by coming into my life, by sharing in my lifestyle because I'm not gone change that. Because if you can't handle it now where I'm at, then you're not going to be able to handle it when I grow even more and I'm doing that everyday."

    "I don't want him to be intimidated. I don't want him to feel insecure. There's a lot of things that come with me that a man may not like. You may not like. Guess what that means? You're not for me. And rest assure, that I'm not gone crumble and fall because you don't like me. Or, because my life is too big for you to even understand. I make no apologies for that. And I don't make any apologies about who I am, who I want and who I need in my life as my significant other. I can't imagine being with someone insecure."

    She said she doesn't have time for an insecure man questioning her about why she's talking to her (male) director or (male) co-stars on the red carpet or at a party.

    "I don't have time for anyone to come into my home and see how I live and go "oh, I'm not going to be able...' Don't waste each others time. I'm not leaving my environment or my home and you take me to a hut, or you take me to a one bedroom apartment that's not furnished. I'm not leaving that. I'm not going backwards. I'm not going down. I'm not suppressing anything. I'm not doing none of that shit for nobody. I want to be equally yoked. People on different levels move differently."

    "What did Beyonce say? The hustle has to match. It has to match. We often think, what if Beyonce and Jay Z broke up? Who in the hell would they date? That would be very hard for both of them."

    LisaRyae has been married and divorced twice. She first married former NFL player Tony Martin in the 90s. They divorced two years later. Then, she married Michael Misick, who had been elected the Premier of the Turks and Caicos Islands (a position previously known as "Chief Minister of the Turks and Caicos Islands") in the early 2000s. Their relationship only lasted two years as well. However, the former First Lady of Turks & Caicos admitted  Michael leveled her up.

    Looks like Anthony B couldn't provide her with that.

    She said she and Anthony had a lot of "friend energy," but that's as far as their "relationship" went. She said they tried, but "love" wasn't there. She said once they had a discussion and they realized there was no chemistry between them, they realized that they were better off as friends.

    Watch this clip of them below. We gotta agree.  There's NO chemistry:

    However, she's still positive the man of her dreams is out there.

    "I'm still going to continue to look for love," she said. "I'm looking for a portion of my father. Somebody who's going to look at me and love me, and cherish me and take care of me. Absolutely am. So, I'm not scared of trying to find love again. And you all will know when I find it too because I'll be happy. And I'll have a much bigger ring than what I got [laughs]. Because honey, that was like, 'where it's at?' My everyday ring was bigger than that."

    The mom of 1 and grandmom of 1 said she's not going to settle and she shouldn't have to because she knows her worth.

    Peep her full explanation below (starting at the 12-minute mark):


    Photos: The Proposal's Twitter

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     photo nickisafareevma1.png

    The MTV Video Music Awards are reportedly hiring more security since Nicki Minaj and her ex-fiance Safaree Samuels will be attending the show, following their online drag session.  Meanwhile, Baby Kulture just hopped on her first plane to NYC ahead of mom Cardi B's VMA's appearrance.  Everything inside...

    Earlier this week, Nicki Minaj and her ex-fiance Safaree Samuels engaged in a heated Twitter exchange that had everyone in a frenzy following the release of her fourth studio album QUEEN. The "Love & Hip Hop" star made claims that Nicki tried to kill him by stabbing him. The "Barbie Dreams" rapper popped back, exposing Safaree as a thief and revealing she paid $10k for his fake hairline.

    If you missed all of that, click HERE and HERE. It was MANY things.

    So yeah, they pretty much made these Internet streets pause as they bickered back and forth.

    The MTV Video Music Awards production is well aware of their online spat, so they're taking extra measures to be sure everyone stays safe.  You know, just in case somebody tries to take their IG beef into real life.

    It's being reported the VMAs have beefed up security by hiring "more guards" to be sure Nicki and Safaree never cross paths. The QUEEN rapper is scheduled to hit the stage while Safaree will be presenting, so they'll both likely hit the red carpet before heading inside Radio City Music Hall.

    Honestly, we don't predict anything going down between these two that would involve needing extra security. It almost sounds like a PR stunt to get more viewers tuned in on Monday night when the ceremony goes down.  Buzz sells.

    Keep it locked to for everything that does or doesn't happen between these two and everyone else.

    In other VMA news...

     photo cardivma4.png

    A month after making her grand entrance into the world, Baby Kulture is hopping on her first private jet!

    Cardi B is heading to NYC to perform at the 2018 MTV Video Music Awards and she's bringing her baby girl Kulture along for the ride. One of Cardi's people posted a picture and video of Baby Kulture (along with her sister Hennessy) hopping on her first plane ride:



    A post shared by TheYBF (@theybf_daily) on



    Dad Offset is currently with his bandmates Migos and Drake on their "Aubrey & The Three Migos Tour." They were supposed to perform in Chicago on Monday night (the same night as the VMAs), but the concert has been canceled. So, it's unclear if Offset will be attending this year's awards.

    Bardi will def be there as she's tapped to open the show, and it will mark her first public appearance since giving birth to baby Kulture Kiari. She confirmed that while she'll be "opening" the VMAs, she will not be performing. We guess she'll read a few lines on a teleprompter to say give a good church welcome.

     photo cardivma2.png

    Guess we will find out the difference when the show starts.

    As Cardi & Baby Kulture travel to the Big Apple, the NYC rapper hopped on her Instagram stories and posted this subliminal message:

     photo cardivma3.png

    Hmm...we're not sure what this means. Could be about her baby's daddy or about Nicki Minaj's latest words about her.  Maybe we're reading into it...or maybe not.

    Anyhoo, along with Nicki and Safaree's "beef," the "Chun-Li" rapper talked a lot about her supposed ongoing feud with Cardi this past week.

    We're sort of confused by Nicki being that when she first talked about her "beef" with Cardi she talked about how the former reality star "hurt her feelings" and how Cardi should have thanked her/paid homage to her for getting on the "Motorsport" track with her.

    In her most recent interviews, she has been talking about how people need to learn how to toughen up because isn't this what rap is about...battling and talking ish on wax?  They both need to just say what they need to say on wax and let it go.





    Celebs love subliminals, don't they?

    Photos: Getty/Instagram

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     photo nbayoungboy1.png

    NBA Youngboy is about to be a dad for the fourth time. After confirming the news, the rapper's on-again, off-again girlfriend Jania threatened to commit suicide. All the foolywang material inside...

    Hide your daughters!

    18-year-old NBA Youngboy is...well, we'll let y'all decide.

    The Baton Rouge rapper recently confirmed his on-again, off-again girlfriend Jania is pregnant with his FOURTH child. And from what's being said on these Internet streets, it'll be his fourth child with his third or fourth baby's mother. Yes, all of this at the age of 18. Sheesh!


    A few months ago, he revealed one of his kids, dubbed Baby K (shown above), isn't biologically his after taking a DNA test.

    Earlier this month, the rapper hopped on Instagram Live for an interview with DJ Akademiks where he explained that he's gearing up to welcome yet another child into the world. In the clip, he revealed Jania is currently pregnant and that she was actually pregnant before he was arrested on a kidnapping warrant earlier this year. The arrest occurred after surveillance footage of what’s believed to be NBA YoungBoy made its way online that showed the rapper slam his girlfriend (Jania) on the floor of a hotel hallway in Waycross, Georgia back in February.

    This is the same girlfriend who YoungBoy allegedly made sleep in a hotel lobby so he could be with another woman.  After the video proof was released showing her laid out in a lobby, (and he was later arrested in Tallahassee, Florida), Jania hopped on social media, making claims that they were just PLAYING around.

    Youngboy said in the clip (below) that he was locked up for 18 days and that Jania came to visit him while he was in jail. He also said once all of this legal drama is over (since he's banned from being around her due to his ongoing legal issues), he's dumping whatever girl he's currently with for Jania. Oh.

    Check it:


    Up until recently, Youngboy seemed to have been all about Jania, professing his love for her online and acting as if they're back together. However, something went down recently between the two (again) that caused Jania to want to commit suicide. It's rumored that Youngboy dumped her. That's when she hopped on social media to share with her followers that she was "ready to die."

    Peep the clip:


    A post shared by DJ Akademiks (@akadmiks) on


    Lordt. Someone send this teen girl some help.

    Her suicidal thoughts didn't last too long. She hopped back on social media to apologize for being "dramatic" and letting her emotions get the best of her. She also shared a glimpse of her growing baby bump:



    We honestly have no words for this foolishness. We just hope Jania wakes up and realizes she's BETTER than the ish this man is putting her through.

    Photo: NBA Youngboy's IG

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     photo teyanafall.png

    Video footage of Teyana Taylor taking a nasty fall just hit the Internet and it was her last performance before hijacking Jeremih's tour. Watch her take a tumble, plus hear Jeremih tell his side of the story inside...


    Now we know the last straw that made Teyana Taylor drag her tour mate Jeremih for filth and hijack his "Later That Night" tour.

    Last week, Tey took a nasty fall while performing in her hometown of NY. Video footage captured the "No Manners" singer doing what she does best while on stage inside the Play Station Theater when she tumbled right off stage. You'll recall, she blamed Jeremih, who actually performed after her, for water being left on stage.  It's unclear if she meant him directly or workers he is responsible for.

    However, we hear chick got right back up and didn't miss a beat. Check it below:



    A post shared by TheYBF (@theybf_daily) on


    The "Birthday Sex" singer caught the wrath of Teyana when she posted that she was dropping out of the tour because she could no longer deal with his shenanigans. Apparently, said shenanigans include him sabotaging her show.

    Soon after, she decided to go on with the tour WITHOUT him. The "3Way" singer renamed it the KTSE Tour and said Jeremih had been "removed."

    Jeremih has remained silent about all of the controversy (outside of some subtle shade thrown on social media), but now he's speaking out.

    The "Oui" singer Facetimed into Power 92 Chicago to set the record straight about their tour controversy. He said the whole thing is a miscommunication and that he wasn't feeling the way she was slandering his name (like calling him b*tches) because they go way back and he thought they were cooler than that.

    The R&B crooner revealed they had a conversation while in NYC (after her fall) and that it was very productive. Then, the next day she was bashing him online.

    As for the accusations about him leaving water on the stage, he said that's not true because he doesn't even perform until AFTER her.

    "If she fell, she just bust her sh*t," he explained. "Ain't no water on stage because I don't even go on until after her."

    He said he didn't want to call her bipolar, but he's not sure what’s going on with her, so he just fell back. He shared how Tey supposedly got mad one night he had chicken catered for a show.

    As for Teyana's husband Iman Shumpert chiming in, he said he didn't want to go there with him because he considers Iman a "homie."

    Also, he said he was never "removed" from the tour. He said he left because he wasn't with the drama. He said he didn't want to be want to be in a bad environment, so he dipped.

    Peep the interview below:

    Yesterday, Tey hopped on Instagram to say she did what she did to stand up for herself:






    Tey is heating things up on her noe solo tour. She performed her hit track "3Way" in Detroit where she brought out rapper Kashdoll on stage. Chick put on a steamy set that ended in her seemingly kissing Kashdoll on the neck and grabbing her boobs. Peep the performance above.

    Tonight, Teyana will hit the stage at the Vic Theatre in Chicago. The show must go on...

    Photos: @malcolmxmcneil

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     photo drakekanye1.png

    Drake, Nicki Minaj and Future's petty levels have been on 100 over the weekend. Drizzy dissed Kanye West, Nicki is going off about folks sabotaging her career and Future put an Instagram thot on full blast. Receipts inside...

    Drake must be still "in his feelings" over his "beef" with Kanye West.

    Last night, the Toronto native brought his "Aubrey & The Three Amigos" tour to 'Ye's hometown of Chicago. And he didn't skip out on the oppotunity to fire a shot at the Chi-town native.

    While performing "Know Yourself," the OVO honcho switched up the lyrics opposed to the origial lyrics, rapping: “Then Kanye flopped, it was polos and backpacks.”

    The original line is: "Then Kanye dropped, it was polos and backpacks"

    Peep the clip below:


    As you all know, there's tension between Drizzy and 'Ye since Pusha T bodied Drizzy on his Kanye-produced LP, Daytona. The "Nice For What" rapper clapped back at Pusha and added 'Ye in the mix when he put out "Duppy Freestyle" and "Behind Barz." He also made a few Yeezy references on his SCORPION album.

    As the drama was coming to an end (or so we thought), Kanye tweeted that he wasn't going to engage and that he was all about love. But, that all may go out the window now that Drake is still firing shots. Ye was busy at 2 Chainz's wedding yesterday, so he'll like get all of the deets about Drake coming at him today. Do we sense a meltdown or nah?

    By the way, Drake & Migos' show in Chicago scheduled for Monday night was canceled, so he may or may not pop up at the 2018 MTV Video Music Awards. He's been nominated for seven awards.

    Meanwhile, drama has been poppin' off on social media with his labelmate...

     photo queentweet3.png

    Nicki Minaj hopped on Twitter to let the world know she has PROOF websites are being paid to bash her name. She said when she was first told this, she didn't believe it, but the proof is in the receipts.

    "When I was told they were being paid to write these things I didn’t believe it, now I know it’s true #Queen bitch!!!!," she tweeted."I got the proof on that too. Loving my life. They so bothered by this lil south side Jamaica QUEEN"

    The Queens rapper then went on to question why there seems to be a double standard when sites write up articles about her collaborating with rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine. Specifically, this one:


    She has been receiving backlash for working with Tekashi, who has been brought up on sexual misconduct charges against a minor.

    The "Chun-Li" rapper began responding to fans, who are asking similar questions and making similar statements. Fans brought up the fact that several artists have backed other artists accused of sexual misconduct. And Nicki co-signed the fact that Lady Gaga didn't get this sort of treatment after she did a song with R. Kelly:

     photo queentweet2.png

    It's a touchy subject, especially since Nicki's brother, Jelani Maraj, was found guilty of sexually assaultinghis former stepdaughter (who was 11-12-years of age).

     photo queentweet1.png

    Fans whipped out receipts as well:





    The "Barbie Dreamz" rapper went on to say she is TIRED of keeping quiet while people continue to drag her name in the mud: 

     photo queentweet5.png

     photo queentweet4.png

    But, it stops now:

     photo queentweet6.png

    The writer of the Pitfork article, Shanita Hubbard, took to Twitter to explain her reasoning behind the article:







    It's getting ugly though:



    This entire week Nicki has been in overdrive to up her QUEEN sales. Early predictions claim her first week's sales will come 2nd to Travis Scott's Astroworld.

    Also on social media...

     photo futuregirl0.png

    Future caught wind of an "Instagram thot" being petty with her Photoshop game, so he decided to expose her. An IG user posted a screenshot of an alleged DM from the ATL rapper where he offers to fly her out to wherever he is. She captioned the screenshot, "Welp thats my mil ticket, bye yall"

    "mil ticket?" - Let's hope that was a play on words.

    The "Mask Off" rapper had time and decided to show how SHE is the one all up in his DMs and not the other way around. He posted screenshots of the girl mentioning him in her IG stories and wrote over it, "When u decline thots they make up sh* fly zone."

     photo futuregirl1.png

    On the same screenshot, he posted another message, writing, "I'm sure someone like u jus not me."

     photo futuregirl2.png

    Then, ol girl started responding back:

     photo futuregirl6.png

     photo futuregirl3.png

     photo futuregirl4.png

     photo futuregirl5.png

    She appears to be joking.

    By the way, Nicki and Future will be heading out on their NICKIHNDRXX Tour, kicking off September 21st in Baltimore.

    Photos: Getty

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     photo rihbreide3.png

    Rihanna dropped everything to make sure she was in attendance for her Day 1 homie Sonita Alexander, who tied the knot yesterday. Watch Rih on bridesmaid duty inside...

    We last saw Rihanna snapping it up with Donald Glover in Cuba (they're currently cooking up a new project, possibly a movie), but nothing was going to stop RiRi from attending and participating in her bestie Sonita Alexander's wedding ceremony in her native Barbados.

    Rih and Sonita go way back...

     photo rihbride4.png

    Yeah. THAT far back, so she made it her business to be there. To early school days. Before the wedding, Rih hopped on social media and shared a few flicks with the bride wearing a silk "Bridesmaid" robe, using the hashtag #WalkingIntoForever. Cute.

     photo rihbride1.png

    The Bajan beauty, who covers British VOGUE's September 2018 issue, had loads of fun with her doctor friend before she made her way down the aisle: 





    The Fenty Beauty honcho looked beautiful in a blue bridesmaid gown.






    Rih also snapped it up with her bridesmaid squad:

     photo rihbride9.png

     photo rihbride10.png

     photo rihbride12.png

     photo rihbride2.png

     photo rihbride5.png

    The bride's gown was STUNNING:

     photo rihbride6.png

     photo rihbride8.png

     photo rihbride7.png

    After the ceremony, the "Work" singer and her bestie shared a super cute moment:



    Then, it was time for the turn up at the reception:

     photo rihbride11.png

     photo rihbride13.png

    And it was LITTY: 

     photo rihbride14.png



    Rihanna's friend Melissa Forde was also in the mix:





    And wifey was shutting it down as well:







    Magic x @shalanawatermandesigns #walkingintoforever

    A post shared by Paula Anne (@pickpau) on


    Fun times!

    Photos: Instagram